Carla Returns: ‘Mob Wives’ Episode 509 Recap

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Tonight on Mob Wives things took a turn when Carla made a stunning return to her friends but her closest pal of them all, Drita, peaced out with no explanation. All eyes were on Drita for a moment before things were back to…you guessed it…Natalie. Renee told Ang she would only attend Thanksgiving dinner if she and Natalie could have a sit down beforehand.

Things were good then bad then seemingly good but who knows what’s next to come for our favorite ladies from Staten Island. Check our gallery for the best reactions from tonight’s episode and don’t miss an all new episode of Mob Wives next Wednesday at 8/7c.

I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Carla Facciolo Makes A Shocking Return To ‘Mob Wives’

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The last time we saw original Mob Wives cast member Carla Facciolo it was season three and she recovering from a brutal attack against Love Majewski. When Carla unexpectedly showed up at Renee’s one-year anniversary party for Mob Candy, we were totally caught off guard – much like Drita.

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Renee Fires Back To Natalie’s Claims That They Can Be Friends One Day

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This season of Mob Wives has all the ladies feuding and the name Natalie being said nearly every five minutes. In a recent interview we did with with Natalie Guercio she told us how, in spite of their differences, she is hopeful she and Renee Graziano can become friends “eventually down the line.”

Renee read this interview and reached out to VH1 to address Natalie’s hope. Read more…

‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Puma And Quani’s Mother Finally Squash Their Beef?

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Concerned about how frail and thin her daughter is becoming, Quani‘s mother Denise seeks out Puma to talk about what may be going on that has Quani so stressed that she’s losing weight.

In a twist of fate, somehow the discussion about Quani actually leads them to fixing their relationship with each other, since all their bickering and fighting at the wedding.

Do you think these Puma and his mom-in-law will stay amicable? Catch new episodes of Black Ink Crew Monday 9/8c.

Watch What Happens When You Put Everyone Who Hates Erica Mena In One Room

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Now we all know for different reasons Erica Mena isn’t Cyn, Rich Dollaz, or Chrissy‘s favorite person, but you will never guess which other Love & Hip Hop cast member also isn’t feeling Erica.

Find out who else on the cast has beef with Erica and what happens when you sit all four of them in one room and they all start dissecting her character.

Catch new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Mondays 8/7c.

Kalenna And Tony Might Go Overseas For A New ‘Love And Hip Hop’

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Kalenna Harper certainly stole the show last season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but would she ever consider pulling a K.Michelle and trying out a different city in the franchise? While Kalenna chants, “LA! LA! LA!” her husband Tony Vick says they’d take Love & Hip Hop overseas to Paris!

What do you think – can you imagine Kalenna working in the studio on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood with Omarion or Hazel E? Or you think Tony’s onto something with an international version of the reality soap opera? Can “Oui Oui” be the new “YAS”?

‘Hindsight’ Sneak Peek: Becca Seeks Guidance As She Hits A New Low

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Last week on Hindsight, Becca told Andy to meet her but he never showed. In a sneak peek for this week’s episode we discover that something terrible could have happened to Andy.

Becca prays for a miracle – asking the powers-that-be for guidance as begins to unravel. Do you think Andy will be okay? Is this the price of time travel? Does this mean Andy wasn’t the one for Becca?

Find out on an all new Hindsight, Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

10 Of Jennifer Williams’ Looks We Are Gagging Over

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There’s no denying that Jennifer Williams is a beauty but damn she’s absolutely killing it on the red carpets these days. The Basketball Wives star – known for her long legs, long hair, and blue contacts – makes fur, leather, and sheer look amazing any way she sports it.

Catch up with Jennifer by clicking through our gallery for some of her most amazing looks nowadays and take a trip down memory lane with this throwback clip of her and Tami Roman getting into it about, gulp, food stamps! Read more…

Proverbs By Sky: Sky Gives Out Wisdom On Her Instagram Page And You Should Listen

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Sky isn’t afraid to to spill all the Tea and keep it funky while she’s doing it. We noticed that the Black Ink Crew star is always throwing out tidbits of her signature advice on Instagram that, well, we decided we should take heed and get it together.

Check out our gallery for a collection of some of our favorite words to live by, by Miss Sky, herself.

Don’t miss Sky on an all new Black Ink Crew, Monday at 9/8c.

[Photo: Lauren Weissler for VH1]

Good Morning: Robert Christopher Riley Featured In The ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Photo Project

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Forget the chocolates for Valentine’s Day, we rather have this eye candy!

Right in time for the release on the highly anticipated movie Fifty Shades Of Grey Friday night, actor-turned-celebrity photographer, Lance Gross, did an amazing job of capturing of some of the sexiest stars in entertainment, including Hit The Floor actor Robert Christopher Riley a.k.a Terrence Wall.

Flip through the photos, and expect to drool over these black and white shots of Riley that left us really wishing he was bae.

The thirst is real.