100 Greatest Hard Rock Leftovers!


“Call all your friends in the neighborhood/Get ‘cha party started.”

KISS knows what time it is. For the last two weeks, lots and lots and lots of music fiends have been blasting their way through our list of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs. From “Born To Be Wild,” to “Hot For Teacher” to “Cherry Pie,” the videos speak for themselves. KISS made it with “Rock ‘n’ Roll All NIght.” But they also had a tune that just missed making the cut. You can find out what it is by lighting up our new batch of clips. If you can’t make the first 100, it’s good to make the next 11.

Watch 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs: Songs That Missed The Cut

If you like that, we bet you like this, too.

Live Twitter Commentary From Critic’s Choice Awards


“I never understood why people took movies so seriously. You’re going to see a film about a man with a bat on his chest and you’re taking it seriously…a man made of iron and you’re taking it seriously. It’s fundamentally ridiculous, yet everyone’s interested in it. So why not talk about in a way that’s fun. ”

That’s Mark Ramsey talking about how he came up with the vibe for his moviejuice Web site. Take a look: he likes to mess with the thing he loves most – movies – and he leads with his humorous side. Tonight, he going send a stream of Twitter missives from the Critics Choice Awards show in L.A. VH1 airs the event and its red carpet pre-show live, at 8:30 pm. ET.

Ramsey chose the satire route because “it’s more fun that way. Movie juice posts are “less of a review of a movie you either haven’t seen, won’t see or did see, and more of a theme park ride through a movie, a chance to have some thrills,” says Ramsey. “And c’mon, it’s more fun to enjoy a theme part ride than it is to read a film synopsis. Even The Onion, when they cut to a movie review, gets dead serious. Why? You can have a awful lot of fun with teasing a movie.”

We decided to ask Ramsey some quick questions about his favorite subject:

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The Celebreality Interview – DJ Lady Tribe (aka Nikki)


Never have so many remarkable personalities left a VH1 …of Love show so early! We had to get Lady Tribe on the phone to find out what, if anything, was going on in her head during her brief but wild ride on the Rock of Love Bus. Below, she talks implants, ingestion, intoxication and how she shocked even herself.

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Which Girls Will Real & Chance Choose?


Only four gals remain for the Real Chance of Love season finale (watch a sneak peek here), which airs January 12 at 9/8c. Two for Chance (Cali, Risky), and two for Real (Bay Bay Bay, Corn Fed). Who would you like to see the guys ask to be part of the Stallionaire family? Who should have hit the road a long time ago? Talk it up!

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The Celebreality Interview – Gia


In an unprecedented move, the first girl to remove her clothes this season on Rock of Love was also among the first to be eliminated. Craziest. Season. Ever! Below, Gia talks about being too wild for one of the wildest shows on TV, her attraction to Farrah and, most importantly, the shot imagined ’round the world. Oh yeah, we go there in detail. Choice quote: “She was pushing my legs open and it was just downhill from there.”

This interview is not for the faint of heart. But then, what under VH1′s umbrella is?

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Critics Choice: Leading Ladies, Hollywood Hunks


Tomorrow night at 8:30 pm on VH1 is our live broadcast of the Critics Choice Awards. There’s still time to head to the site and vote on which movies, actors, and actresses were best last year. There’s time, too, to check out some of the glamor that exists in Hollywood on a regular basis. We’ve put together an array of photo galleries to remind film fans who the hottest men and women in Celebville actually are. Ready, set, browse…

Check photos of Hollywood’s Hottest Hunks

Check photos of Luscious Leading Ladies

Tool Academy’s Trina Cures Your Romance Woes


By now you’ve seen the preview of our latest show, Tool Academy. The show premieres Sunday, January 11, and It’s about the dynamic that goes on between a flamboyant, cocky man (“I don’t miss a workout, unless it’s for a threesome”) and a long-suffering woman who expects a bit of tenderness now and then (“If I don’t want to do what he wants to do, he think I should just go away”). Some couples are just out of whack, right?

Fortunately Tool Academy provides an expert to iron out those kind of really rough spots. Trina Dolenz is the couples therapist who tries to bring some balance to these wobbly relationships. Along the way there’s some outrageous behavior and some true emotional clarity that arises. Basically we’re all hoping that these guys aren’t going to be tools their whole lives.

We’re also hoping Trina can help VH1.com users with some of their own relationship problems. She’s inviting those Tool Academy fans with troubles of their own to write to her for advice. Every week throughout the show’s run, she will answer three audience submissions right here in the blog.

Ladies talk to your guys. Men, speak with your honeys. Pick a part of your romance that just isn’t working, and describe it to Ms. Dolenz. Could be commitment issues, could be respect issues, could be sexual issues. Whichever, a bit of free advice can go a long way.

Send submissions to toolacademy@gmail.com, and come back on Mondays to see if Trina has addressed your note.

Check Trina Dolenz’s Web site for more info.

Check the Tool Academy supertrailer after the jump.

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Frenchie’s “Schary Mahvie” A Reality


Although that “schary mahvie,” Angelique was going on and on about during last night’s Rock of Love Charm School reunion may have seemed like a tall, hard-to-grasp tale, she was actually telling the truth! Frenchie was referring to Reality Horror Night, a flick full of contestants from reality shows (including Destiney of Rock of Love/I Love Money/Charm School and Rob Smith of I Want To Work for Diddy) that bills itself as a “light-comedy, light-horror, suspenseful film.” It’s not due till October, but in the meantime, you can check the official site for the cast and peep the teaser trailer below. [Reality Horror Night — Official Site]