Heather: Another Singer’s Rock of Love


Rock of Love 1 & 2‘s Heather stars in the clip below, the video for “Left Unsaid” by the Buffalo-based rock band For What It’s Worth. It’s a surprisingly subdued turn for her (she kind of just pouts and acts fabulous throughout), but as the object of desire of a rock singer, she’s clearly right at home. You might even call her performance method acting.

Bow Wow’s Got Beef with Video Hotties


New beef alert! A couple of super hot video vixens – Rita G. and Dollicia “Doll” Bryant – hit up a radio show recently where they dished dirt on Kanye and talked trash about Bow Wow, ragging on his short stature and claiming he macked them while he was still with Ciara (WATCH the video of their trash talking sesh here). Ohhh snaps!

But Bow Wow’s not one to get walked all over, so he’s taken to the web with his own video (watch it above), refuting the gals’ claims. He’s even got recent footage (allegedly) of Dollicia hanging out with him and his boys. In his vid Bow Wow taunts the girls, saying, “You ain’t gonna win this game, you can’t play chess with Bobby Fischer, baby!” When discussing Rita G., who starred in Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” video, Bow Wow claims that “Nobody knows her!”

Well now we do! So who do you think won Round 1 of this battle?

Cops Investigating Threats Against Hogans


This ongoing legal battle between the Hogans and the family of John Graziano continues to get uglier, even as John remains in a coma and Nick Hogan sits locked up in jail for the accident that critically injured his best friend. Hulk‘s people have released voicemails allegedly sent by John’s brother Frank, in which he talks about committing some serious violence against the Hogan clan. The police are currently investigating the phone calls, in which a gruff voice can be heard threatening to “piss on you and your family’s grave,” and refers to Linda and Brooke as “your wh*re daughter and your wh*re wife.”


Click here to listen – and be warned, the language is NSFW and very ugly.

Ashanti Might Marry Her ‘Good Friend’ Nelly


Everyone knows that Ashanti and Nelly are a couple – and every knows that every one knows, except the lovey-dovey pair. So when Ashanti spoke about her man this weekend, she of course kept it vague and unclear, even though we all know what’s going on. “Me and Nelly, we’re good friends. We kick it – hang out a lot,” the singer coyly revealed. “The industry is very hard, so it’s good to have fun and lighten it up.”

But wait! Ashanti kept going, and she dropped a tiny info bomb when asked he she and her man might be marrying soon. “”Oh no. Noooo! No engagement. But definitely in the future. Ha! Ha!”

Is she teasing us or telling the truth? Either way, we hope there’s a ring involved. [People]

Chris & Rihanna Make Sexy Juice Together


Chrianna, the golden couple of hip-hop that has yet to reveal their love to the public, were spotted snacking on Jamba Juice together on Friday. How romantic and normal! With everything fast food joint they visit, we love Chris and Rihanna more. And you know what they say – the couple that juices together, stays together! If only they’d just admit that they’re a couple.

West Drops Diva Performance, Crowd Chants “Kanye Sucks!”


It’s not like Kanye‘s trying to make new friends, but you’d think he’d at least go after a few new fans. But after his craptastic performance at Bonnaroo, all he got was a crowd of haters. The rap-diva had been scheduled to perform at 2:45 AM on Sunday, but didn’t take the stage for almost two hours, thanks to his ridiculous stage set that apparently takes hours to set up. Hey, if Kanye wants a fake spaceship named Jane to talk to during his show, than that’s what he’ll get! According to comedian Aziz Ansari, West even complained to the inanimate object about his love life as part of the show, saying, “I been away too long. I ain’t had a woman in so long Jane. I just need some p*ssy.” Surely that kind of performer-spaceship interaction made the wait worth it, right fans?

Once on-stage, Kanye never addressed his delayed start, and later that day angry fans banded together for a “Kanye sucks!” chant, which probably would have been more effective during his actual concert. Oh well, they were probably tired (among other things).

R. Kelly Flies. Right or Wrong?


A Chicago jury found the Pied Piper of R&B not guilty on all counts — six years after being charged with making, directing and starring in a child porn video. He faced up to 15 years in prison, but flew out of the courtroom to cheering fans. “I think he is obviously guilty,” said Mark Muro, an attorney who tracked the trial for the VH1 Blog and who was unimpressed with the It-Wasn’t-Him-On-The-Tape defense. Remember the defense attorney’s Little Man theory? Refresher: “They took the head of Marlon Wayans and put it on a midget, and it looked real. Didn’t it?”

Is our lawyer just a sore loser because he did not accurately predict the verdict? Or should R. Kelly be behind bars?

Roid Rage, Just In Time For Hulk


Tonight, the vein-splitting extravaganza The Hulk opens at theaters nationwide, starring Ed Norton and Liv Tyler. And while those two are gearing up to walk the green carpet, we put together some other celebrities who might know a thing or two about steroids, or anger, or just having really large biceps. Check out the gallery of stars who’d make Popeye proud.

Ambre: Bret and I Are “Definitely” Together


We missed it when Rock of Love 2 winner Ambre responded to Daisy‘s barely veiled allegations of a recent romp with Bret Michaels. Just in case you did, too, here’s how Ambre hit back via her MySpace blog:

“I have been notified of the TMZ video posted today where Daisy states her opinion about Bret and I being together.

I saw this video too and listen, yes, Bret and I are definitely still dating. Daisy has no involvement with Bret and my relationship, therefore there is no validity to her statement.

Lots of rumors out there. Believe me. If Bret and I were no longer together you would hear it from our mouths, not from Daisy’s.

And listen, there’s no ill will against Daisy. Everybody has the right to their own opinion. I just wanted to set the record straight.”

And so she has. She’s so even-tempered and fair that we’re inclined to believe her. [Ambre's MySpace blog]

Update: Here’s proof of Ambre’s claim!

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