Celebrity Rehab: Txtrview With Dr. Drew


Dr. Drew Pinsky has assisted people in trouble for years now, and recently, as the top dog on our Celebrity Rehab series, he’s helped rebuild the lives of several Hollywood heroes. The show is kicking off its new season next Thursday, October 23. The participants include everyone from Rodney King to Gary Busey. to Tawny Kitaen. Watch the premiere right now, and check out what Drew had to say to Lauren Harris in our ongoing VH1 Mobile Txtrview series. Turns out he’s pretty good with his thumbs.

Hi! Where are you and what are you up to Dr. Drew?

Dr. Drew
At this moment I am heading for Dulles Airport in Washington. I gave some testimony on Capital Hill yesterday about pain and addiction.

Wow — very impressive. Is it nerve-wracking to give testimony, even if it’s something you are so well-versed in?

Dr. Drew
It’s really the environment that I’m not used to. Washington is a weird place.

I can understand that. How do you feel it went?

Dr. Drew
Seemed like we did some good particularly in the Senate where they have keen interest in returning veteran’s issues.

Very noble work. Are there any examples you discussed before the senate using cases from celebrity rehab?

Dr. Drew
Well funny you should ask. Jeff Conway actually did come up as an example of a complex pain management problem in the setting of addiction.

Was this season’s cast any more or less challenging?

Dr. Drew
This season is REALLY intense.

Is it the personalities or the addictions that contribute to that intensity?

Dr. Drew
You’ll have to watch to find out. A LOT happens.

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Real Chance of Love’s Hot or Not: Vote!


Click on the photos below, then write “Hot” or “Not Hot” in each girls’ comments field. We will tally all the votes and list the girls in order of sexiness next Wednesday, the day after the Real Chance of Love premiere. Vote for all the cast members now.

Bay Bay Bay



Corn Fed



Ki Ki








Sexy Legs

So Hood


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Celebrity Rehab 2 Is Here!


The first episode of the second season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is here, and it’s a doozy. Between Gary Busey‘s insistence of superiority over his fellow Rehabbers to Amber Smith‘s vast and extensive pill collection to Rodney King‘s junkyard meltdown to Steven Adler‘s everywhere meltdown, there is a lot of humanity to take in. Watch the first segment above, watch the rest here.

In other Rehab news, Nikki McKibbin has spoken out on how her American Idol experience contributed to her downward spiral. She recently told Us Weekly:

“I came out of [American] Idol with a lack of self-confidence. I think I had my first solo in school when I was 5, and I got more as I got older: That’s the biggest compliment in choir. I had never been told I wasn’t good enough. Having to hear it for so many weeks from Simon Cowell killed me inside. I couldn’t get the s*** he had said to me out of my head. It drove me deeper into my depression. I wouldn’t say that this was Simon’s fault. It just added to the addict that I already was.”

Peep Nikki’s segment from the first Rehab 2 episode below:

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Rock of Love Charm School Ep. 2 Sneak – Let the Conniving Begin!


Rock of Love Charm School has only been in session for 24 hours but Lacey’s already up to her usual machinations. Catch a sneak peek of episode 2 and see who she’s got her eyes set on eliminating by any means necessary.

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Seth Green Synopsizes Charm School


VH1News caught up with Seth Green on the red carpet for Sex Drive the other night. He was with his pal Clark Duke. In a short burst of animation, he told Duke exactly what was going on with our brand new, rather fantastic Charm School show. Think he’s got it Tivo’d?

Watch how Sharon Osbourne straightens out the girls in Charm School.

Vote On the “Holy $#/!” Scene of the Year


The Best of Scream 2007

Spike is getting ready for Halloween by airing its 2008 Scream Awards Show next Tuesday, October 21. A glance at the above clip from last year’s bash will give you a clue about what to expect this time around. The best part is that they’re having viewers vote on the most outrageous moment from a 2008 fright flick. Head right over here to chime in about which “Holy S#/$!” scene rocked your world in a theater.

We have our own fright fest going on. Here’s a place to check out VH1′s new Scream Queens show, where 10 actresses go ghoulish head to ghoulish head to win a chance to be in Saw VI.

Don’t forget our list of the 50 Greatest Horror Flicks Ever. Did your favorite make the cut?

Marcia Confesses: I Was A Druggie


Remember when you were a kid and you were totally hooked on Brady Bunch re-runs, and especially loved it when Marcia, played by Celebrity Fit Clubber Maureen McCormick, would grab her face and scream out, “Oh my nose!” Well it turns out she was clutching her nose not because a football “broke” it, but because it was disintegrating from serious cocaine snort-age. Maureen’s career crumbled after her Brady stint, and she reveals in a new tell-all book that it’s all due to her serious coke n’ Quaaludes addiction. She even once traded sex for drugs, news that would probably make Jan Brady feel better about herself.

Maureen hit up The Today Show today to really get into the nitty-gritty – like her family’s bizarre bout with syphillis, the paranoia that led her to hide in her closet from her agent, and the reason Eve Plumb (Jan) hates her. Eek. Clip above.

I Scream, You Scream We All Scream for Scream Queens!


Get ready for VH1′s new competition reality series Scream Queens, premiering Monday, Oct. 20 at 10/9c. The show finds 10 sexy actresses vying for a role in Saw VI in a series of blood-curdling challenges including bugs (yuck!), gore (double yuck!) and worse! Check out the supertrailer above and get a closer look at the girls below.

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