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All In The VH1 Stars: It’s Libra Season!

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From September 23rd to October 23rd it’s all about being a Libra!

Known for their contradictory nature, Libras don’t often practice what they preach, but while they may be inconsistent with their own words and actions, they are able to see what’s fair just and balanced in most other situations. If anyone would be the first to listen with a diplomatic ear, and charm your socks off, it’s definitely a Libra. Read more…


At Katy Perry’s Birthday, She Let Them Have Cake

Yesterday, Katy Perry turned 27. On stage in Belfast as part of her California Dreams tour, Katy was surprised by her cast and crew with a giant pink birthday cake. Never a wallflower, once the crowd had finished singing her “Happy Birthday” and she’d blown out the candles, Katy snatched the cake and with a dexterous run up the stage in heels, pitched the whole thing into the audience. All we can say is lucky she blew out the candles first!

Clad in a pom pom embellished onesie and signature blue wig, we’re wondering what the girl who has everything—from a crazy wardrobe to a booming career and a happy marriage—wished for when the candles went out. Whatever it was, we’re wishing the colorful Katy a happy birthday, and hoping that next time we’ll be there when the cake rains down!

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The Top 30 Moments That Shaped Beyonce (Also: Happy B’Day, Bey!)

Beyoncé is, without a question, a once-in-a-generation talent. Blessed with a wonderful singing voice, incredible athleticism, striking beauty and, most importantly, an unrivaled competitive spirit, she has established herself as a star of both stage and screen. In honor of her 30th birthday today, we decided to take a look back at the thirty most important moments in Beyoncé’s life that made her the person she is today. Enjoy!

DATE: September 4, 1981
EVENT: Thirty years ago today, Houston resident and aspiring music manager Matthew Knowles and his costume designer wife Tina welcomed a bouncing baby girl into the world, one they named Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. If this had never happened, well, you wouldn’t be reading this list, that’s for sure!

DATE: 1988
EVENT: At the tender age of 7, Beyoncé competed in her very first talent show. She sang a stirring rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which earned her a standing ovation, a first place prize, and the seething jealousy of the 15- and 16-year-olds she competed against.

DATE: 1990-1991
EVENT: Gaining confidence after her talent show victory, Beyoncé and five other girls were recruited to join a Houston-based group called Girl’s Tyme. It was during this time that she met her future Destiny’s Child group members Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, and LeToya Luckett (who joined in 1993). After gaining local acclaim, things turned sour after the group unsuccessfully tried out for Star Search. This would mark the first of many times that personality clashes would lead to fractures in Beyoncé’s personal and professional life.

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The Top 34 Moments That Shaped Kanye West (Also: Happy Birthday, Yeezy!)

Today is Kanye West‘s 34th birthday, and while we would be happy to praise our favorite controversial artist to high heaven, we’re sure no amount of laudation would be enough for the notoriously immodest West. So we decided to take a different approach: pinpointing the 34 moments that shaped Kanye. Some shaped his life; some shaped his persona; some shaped the way he’s seen. All of them either have found or will find their way into his highly personal music. Happy birthday, Yeezy!

DATE: June 8, 1977
EVENT: Kanye West is born
It wouldn’t be Kanye’s birthday if he hadn’t been born thirty-four years ago today, in Atlanta, where his parents settled after they both finished graduate school.

DATE: August 28, 1980
EVENT: Kanye’s parents, Ray And Donda, divorce
In her memoir Raising Kanye, Donda West recalls that, to her mind, her husband Ray was putting his new photography studio ahead of his own family, so she filed for divorce and full custody of young Kanye. Two weeks after the divorce was final, Kanye and his mother left Atlanta for Chicago. Imagine the life he might have led had he grown up in Atlanta!

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