Shirleen Harvell

by (@lizburrito)

Rasheeda’s Mother Shirleen Harvell Is A Boss Mom With No Regrets

In a few short weeks, Love And Hip Hop Atlanta bit player Shirleen Harvell has gone from relative unknown to classic reality star complete with a catchphrase (“Oh hell naw!”), celebrity fan base (“Whaaaat? Nicki Minaj know who Ms. Shirleen is?” she says), and an ability to steal scenes by running over dirt bikes and palm trees. The woman also known as Rasheeda‘s mom spoke with us yesterday about how her phone has been blowing up since running over her son-in-law’s bike (which she has zero regrets about) and why the moms on this show are the true bosses.

You’ve become the breakout star of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta! What’s it like being famous?

My goodness gracious. It’s funny to me. I didn’t think anything would happen like that. You always hear people talk about fifteen minutes of fame, but I’m like, good Lord! My goodness — my phone’s been ringing all day and all night. And to tell the truth about it, it’s just natural, that was me for real, you know?

I saw pictures of you on Instagram on a motorcycle. Since you ride, didn’t you feel a little bad wrecking Kirk’s bike?

No. His was just a dirt bike. It was a $7,000 dirt bike but still. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it to any of his other ones. I might have. No, I probably would have. It would have made me feel bad, but I woulda done it! Whatever got in my way, that’s for sure.
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