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The Rock Life Recap, Episode 6

RainbowWho knew a VH1 reality show could demonstrate the ever-widening class distinctions plaguing America? Who suspected that that widening chasm could be so typified by struggling (but not financially) upstart band Whitestarr? I did. In this episode, Rainbow struggles with feeling like a fish out of water. He doesn’t have a gorgeous mansion in Malibu, Mischa Barton for a girlfriend, or Roy Orbison for a dad. In fact, he doesn’t even have a house. His girlfriend supports him and he lives in a bus in Cisco’s driveway. To make matters worse, Rainbow even had to take a job – teaching kids to rock. The humanity.

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The Rock Life: Episode 4, Recap

Rock on dude!

You know what today is — Tuesday. Which means a new Whitestarr episode, a new Whitestarr song accompanying images of their fabulous life in the show’s intro. We get the inside scoop on the Cisco-Mischa meltdown (eat it, Us Weekly!) and Bret Michaels drops in… Read more…


The Rock Life Premieres Tonight!

You may know Cisco Adler as Mischa Barton‘s former Arm Candy, or as Paris Hilton‘s present Arm Candy, or from those pictures in Paris’ storage locker — you can seek those out yourself. We’re not that kind of website. A few of you might even know Cisco Adler from his band, Whitestarr, or as famed producer Lou Adler’s son. Some of you might not know him at all, but that’s only for a few more hours, because at 10:30 pm this evening, The Rock Life premieres. We can’t tell you precisely what you’re going to see tonight, but we can tell you it’ll involve a topless dancing lawyer who’s in the band, a dead dog and a riot. Tune in!

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