Spice Wars: Is The Reunion Turning Ugly?


The beloved Spice Girls have stopped having Eddie Murphy‘s babies, dancing with stars and cheering on benched soccer-playing husbands long enough to put together a reunion, but it might not be all sugar and….uh, spice. While filming a video for one of two brand new tracks they’re releasing, things in Spice World got tense. “The girls were so tired and Emma was crying as the shoot just went on and on. Geri kept slowing things down by meditating and doing strange spiritual stuff,” a source told UK paper The Sun. In addition, Posh allegedly requested an assistant follow her around the video set with fruit and champagne, which seems like the least likely claim, given that we don’t think she ingests anything.

The Girls had their own spin on the video shoot for “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends),” with Posh telling their website she was just happy to see her fellow bandmates: “What’s really wonderful is just being able to hang out with the girls like this again.” In a terribly classy marketing move, their Greatest Hits album will be available exclusively at Victoria’s Secrets in the United States.


Blog Best-Of: Ennis’ Epilogue

heath_links.jpg- Heath Ledger reportedly is set to sign on for a sequel to Brokeback Mountain. It will chronicle his character’s experiences with homophobia and, let’s hope, his discovery of lube. [Dlisted]

- Whitney Houston makes a surprise appearance at London’s Swarovski Fashion Rocks show. She looks like a million bucks…and that’s not drug money or anything! [CONCRETELOOP]

- Victoria Beckham may benefit from a hair makeover she’s getting for the Spice Girls reunion. And if they throw in a free attitude adjustment, we’ll all benefit. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

- Shar Jackson wins Celebrity Rap-Off. I just cannot wait to see where this achievement will take her career! [Celebitchy]

- Lindsay Lohan‘s handler feels her up. He’s really serious about his job title. [CityRag]

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Blog Best-Of: Beckham’s Burlesque

posh_links.jpg- Victoria Beckham is rumored to be joining the Pussycat Dolls for a few performances. Going from the Spice Girls to PCD is like going from working the BunnyRanch to Hunt’s Point. Tragic. [Dlisted]

- Meg White‘s rep denies those sex-tape allegations chalking them up to “a very twisted sense of humor.” I’m more concerned about people’s eyesight than their sense of humor, but hey, that’s me. []

- The filming for the Sex and the City movie is underway. If we’re lucky, they’ll hold the sex. [CityRag]

- Lil Wayne adopts a Gollum-like stance for the cover of Vibe. He’s never looked more presssshhhhhusssssss! [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Sienna Miller is upset that nude photos of her have leaked. So is my stomach. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

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Friday: Whitney and Bobby Reunite; Nicole’s Baby Bump Blossoms

whitneybobby081007.jpgWhitney & Bobby: Back Together?
The tumultuous ex-couple were spotted dining together this week, but sources close to the couple say they’re just “friends.” [People]

Jealous Ashlee Possessive of Pete
Ashlee reportedly won’t let female fans near her rocker boyfriend, and whines and drags him away when they get near. Aren’t punk rock chicks supposed to be cool and confident? [NY Post]

Mel B: Eddie’s Behavior is Scary
The Spice Girl sat down with Larry King to continue to bash her baby’s funny daddy. She tried to point out his fatherly flaws, but all Larry wanted to talk about was how hilarious Norbit was. [Us Weekly]

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Thursday: J. Lo Sues Ex and Wins; Jessica Simpson’s Got an Attitude Problem

jenniferlopez080907.jpgPics: Brit Looks Hot in Perfume Ad?
Check out these pics of Britney taken this summer for her new perfume ad, and then marvel at the magic of Photoshop. [Access Hollywood]

J. Lo Wins Big Against Ex-Hubby
A judge has ruled in the diva’s favor, and now her first husband (remember him?) must pay her $545,000 to write his planned tell-all book on their time together. [People]

Brangelina’s Tot Has Army Bash
After all their peace-loving humanitarian work, Brad and Angie throw son Maddox an enormous military themed birthday bash. Kinda weird, but you can’t say no to your kids! [Just Jared]
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Eddie’s Exes: Ganging Up Against Him?

nicolemel080307.jpgTime for Eddie Murphy to watch his back! His ex-wife Nicole and ex-girlfriend Melanie Brown just happened to have a lunch date with each other yesterday at the most photographed celeb hangout in LA – The Ivy. In what was surely a calculated move, the babymamas brought along Zahra, Eddie’s youngest daughter from his first marriage, and Angel, his baby daughter with the Spice Girl. The meet and greet and eat came just a day after Mel and her lawyer announced that they were suing Eddie’s butt for some child support cash. It’s serious business when the exes join forces to gang up on a former flame, so Eddie better look out. There’s no underestimating the strength of GIRL POWER! [People. Images: Getty]


Thursday: Nicole’s Baby Bump is a Boy; Brangelina Falling Out of Love?

nicolejoel080207.jpgEddie Murphy Sued by Baby Mama
Scary Spice is hauling Eddie’s butt into court to legally establish him as their baby’s father. [Yahoo]

Nicole and Joel: Having a Baby Boy?
Now that the pregnancy’s confirmed, it’s time to speculate about Baby Richie-Madden’s gender. Regardless of whether it’s a boy or girl, we know the kid will have a ton of tattoos! [In Touch Weekly]

Britney’s Cousin Alli Speaks Out
Brit’s former assistant/cousin speaks out on her own singing career and calls her cousin a “wonderful mother.” [People]
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What’s So Great About Those Beckhams?

When The Beatles came to America 40 years ago their visit was known as the British Invasion. Tomorrow UK superstars Victoria and David Beckham hit our shores, but judging from the photo on the right, it’ll look more like an alien invasion. Okay, okay, that’s mean. But seriously – what is going on over there? She’s all bones and boobs!

The Spice Girl and her soccer superstar husband officially move to LA this week, even though they’ve been catwalking around Hollywood for months now picking out curtains for their $22 million mansion. Posh says she’s "really, really excited" to live in America, and she’s lined up two talk show interviews, a one hour documentary special on NBC, and a magazine cover as proof. But will celeb-saturated America care? Do you? [Fox News]


Brit’s Still Stubborn; Imus To Return?

Brit’s Mom: Come To Our Cookout!

She wants her crew-cut daughter to come to the family bash in Louisiana on the Fourth of July. Will the singer make an appearance? [People]

Imus Heading Back To Radio?
The I-man might be back quicker than you think. Rumors are floating that his return to WFAN is just around the corner. Buy or sell? [Post Chronicle]

Spice Girls Bickering Already?
Two days after announcing their tour, there are already rumors of behind-the-scenes cat fights. Will the girls ever make it to the stage? [TMZ]

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Reunion News: Spice, Zep and Bush


Reunion You Want: Admit it — you’ll pony up the $60 (plus surcharge) to see Baby, Scary, Sporty, Posh and Ginger zigazig ha, transporting you back to those heady pre-Y2K days. Lucky for us Sporty cleared her calendar.

Reunion You Want But Don’t Get: Led Zeppelin. After days of rumors reporting they’re getting the old band back together, Rock Banshee Robert Plant has rubbished rumors, claiming "If there was one, then there wouldn’t be enough doctors to support it!”

Reunion You Don’t Want But Get: Bush. You know, Gavin Rossdale. He was in a band. Still nothing? Gwen Stefani‘s husband. Anyway, he misses "the band thing." He’s threatening a Live Earth reunion.