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Olivia Longott’s Style Evolution From G-Unit To Love And Hip Hop

Olivia Longott Style Evolution
Love And Hip Hop‘s Olivia Longott has had a long career, the ups and downs of which have been chronicled on the show. Throughout it all, two things have remained constant: her commitment to working on her own terms, and the fact that she always looks incredible while doing just that. Yeah, what we’re saying is that no matter what era in her career or what she’s up to, Liv always looks great, and she’s maintained a classic, never too over-done look we admire. Whether she’s rocking jeans and a t-shirt on stage with 50 Cent or she’s dolled up for a premiere party, she always manages to look pulled together and polished. Here’s a look at some of our favorite looks of Olivia Longott from her days with G-Unit till now. And yes, that’s totally her hanging out with Lindsay Lohan at a Knicks game back in 2005.

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In This Clip From 100 Greatest Kid Stars, 10-Year-Old Lindsay Lohan Explains “I Just Want To Try To Stay Normal”

Back when Lindsay Lohan was just a wee little thing, all of ten years old and starring in films like The Parent Trap, she was pretty precious. In this clip of Lindsay from back in the day, which will be featured on VH1′s 100 Greatest Kid Stars, Lindsay, who ranks in at #24, talks about the price of fame as a pre-teen and she sounds pretty mature for her age. When asked how her friends are treating her now that she’s a famous actress, she explains “I just hope they don’t treat me differently and change, but I guess I’ll know who my real friends are when the time comes.” Prescient, that one.

For more throwback clips of your favorite kid stars, tune in to 100 Greatest Kid Stars when it premieres Thursday, November 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The special runs every night at 9 p.m. through Sunday, when the number one kid star will be revealed.
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June Ambrose Talks About The Most Difficult Clients She Worked With On Styled By June, Which Premieres Monday Night

Our new favorite styleologist, June Ambrose, was on Big Morning Buzz Live today to discuss her show, Styled By June, and host Carrie Keagan wasted no time asking the tough questions. June, who works with everyone from Mischa Barton to Trina to Jaleel White on the new show, had to answer the question of who was the toughest client of all that she had to take on. Her answer: Da Brat. She also said that her dream client, this might surprise you, is Lindsay Lohan. “I know that she needs that friend that’s going to be truly honest,” Ambrose explains. For more of June’s styleology, tune in to Styled By June on Monday night at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT.
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Remembering The TRL Decade: A Photo Time Capsule

It’s easy to forget that TRL was more than a show where tweens would make their parents drag them to Times Square on a pilgrimage to run their vocals ragged, screaming for their favorite stars. TRL was a defining show for MTV, popular music and kids of a certain generation. It’s also easy to forget the caliber of celebrities that appeared on the show, which ran from 1998-2008. Madonna, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, hell, even Angelina Jolie, they all appeared on the show often. In honor of the new VH1 Rock Doc The TRL Decade, which airs January 29, we’d like to take a look back at the VJ’s who made the show what it was, and the celebrities that came down to 1515 Broadway to hang with them. (We invite you to take a closer look at the photo on the upper left in our gallery — yes, that is indeed Destiny’s Child, Eve, 3LW, and Dream hanging with Carson Daly.) And of course, check out the documentary when it airs on Sunday January 29 at 9:30 pm ET/PT.

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Pitbull Was Trying To Keep Lindsay Lohan “Relevant,” Not Degrade Her, By Referencing Her In “Give Me Everything”

Now that Lindsay Lohan has become an uninsurable pariah in Hollywood, which has all but destroyed her ability to earn income through acting, she is now forced to rely on the legal system to generate the revenue it takes to maintain her lifestyle. To wit, she successfully sued E-Trade for calling her a “milkaholic” (Ed. Note—Our legal system is in severe need of an overhaul), she’s suing the jewelry company that she stole a necklace from, and now she’s suing music superstar Pitbull! The freckled felon filed suit against Pitbull (real name: Armando Christian Pérezin) in New York for defamation, among other things, for mentioning her name “without compensation” in his runaway chart-topper “Give Me Everything.”

Normally, defense lawyers tell their clients to keep their lips publicly zipped when it comes to matters like this, but the always dapper club sensation took to his website,, to tell his side of the story. He admits that when he first heard news of the lawsuit, he thought “it was very ironic,” but once he understood the severity of the allegations, he changed his tune. Pitbull claims the whole thing is just a misunderstanding over misheard and misinterpreted lyrics. “I didn’t look to defame, hurt or degrade someone else’s career,” he tells an off-camera honey. Rather, he explains that he was just attempting to keep her “relevant” and, furthermore, it’s considered a compliment to be “locked down” where he comes from. We’re not sure where you stand on this, but after watching Pitbull’s faux deposition, we’re officially on Team Pit on this one.

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Celebrity Rehab‘s Michael Lohan On Lindsay’s Commercial: “What’s The Big Deal?”

Lindsay Lohan came under fire recently for starring in an Internet commercial for while at home on house arrest, and reportedly making a cool $25k for the fifteen second spot. Her critics have claimed that she’s not taking her house arrest sentence seriously, but when we spoke to her dad Michael Lohan, star of the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, his response was “What’s the big deal?”

Michael says that, post-rehab, he’s now on good terms with LiLo and spent this past Father’s Day with her, and while he doesn’t think her amateur commercial is doing her career any favors, he’s proud of her for not sitting idly while she’s at home 24/7 for her forty-five day sentence.

Be sure to check out Michael and the rest of the new cast of Celebrity Rehab when it premieres this Sunday, June 26th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


VH1 Divas Host Kathy Griffin Calls Bristol Palin “The White Precious”

As you may know, VH1 Divas Salute The Troops taped last night and airs Sunday, Dec. 5, at 9/8c. But the celebs host Kathy Griffin takes aim at in the show are probably hoping it never airs at all. Kathy, who fearlessly entertained the troops in a camouflage bikini, took jabs at Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Tony Parker, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and more.

But she saved the most brutal — and hilarious — comment of the night for Bristol Palin. Noting that Bristol was the only Dancing With the Star contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight, she quipped: “She’s like the white Precious.” Judging by how many times this was retweeted on TheFABlife’s Twitter, we’re pretty sure people will be talking about White Precious long after VH1 Divas airs tomorrow night. Hey, anyone interested in getting a Twitter trend going with #WhitePrecious?

Also, get ready for the reaction from the marines when The Situation and Snooki take the stage. It’s out of control. The Sitch gave the troops some very excellent advice: “Stay grenade free.”

Runner-up for Most Brutal Kathy Griffin Jab at VH1 Divas: Jessica Simpson couldn’t make it to the show because she “couldn’t fit in the hangar.” [Photo: Getty Images]



VH1 Divas: Katy Perry And Nicki Minaj Doin’ It For The Troops


Entertainment Tonight hung out with us yesterday at rehearsals for VH1 Divas Salute the Troops and talked to the performers to find out what the show means to them and why they’ve decided to be a part of it. Aside from having always wanted to visit a base, Katy Perry said it’s not like a “regular” concert. “It’s a concert with heart and with purpose and I love doing things with purpose.” Katy’s Divas duet partner Nicki Minaj (SPOILER: They’re teaming up for “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”) is performing for her aunt, who’s a career army gal, and all troops because they “risk their lives for us.” Said Nicki: “This is definitely one of my most meaningful performances.”

Host Kathy Griffin, who became a veteran at entertaining troops by touring the Middle East, said the men and women in uniform “just want to let off some steam.”Judging by Kathy’s stand-up routine at rehearsals, we’re pretty sure she’ll help them let of plenty of steam when the show tapes tonight. (SPOILER ALERT TWO: Lindsay Lohan and Bristol Palin are definitely on Kathy’s hit list!) [Photo: Getty Images]

Watch VH1 Divas Salute the Troops on Sunday, Dec. 5, at 9/8c. Entertainment Tonight clips after the jump!

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Lindsay and Sam Posing For Party Pics

Lots of people thought it was splitsville for La Lohan and her chain-smoking pal Sam Ronson, but evidently Obama even has the power to make these two appear in public again. They were rocking at the “Declare Yourself” party in the District over the weekend. Is the love in the air again?

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Tila Snags Yahoo! Heir Courtenay Semel

Courtney Semel isn’t a household name (not even after appearing on Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive on E!), but she should be. She’s rumored to have gotten it on with Lindsay Lohan, and up until recently was dating Johnson & Johnson heir Casey Johnson. Semel’s an heir of sorts herself – her dad Terry was the CEO of Yahoo! But it looks like her most recent relationship has ended after a fling this week with Tila Tequila – and we’ve got the pic to prove it! Seems like they pair were caught getting a little flirty, huh!?

A source tells the VH1 Blog that Semel is a notorious playgirl – she even supposedly stole an LA guy’s girlfriend away from him a few years ago. Yahoo! [NYPost]

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