Thursday: Angelina Takes It Off; Lindsay’s A Gym Rat

Angelina Loves Naked Chit Chat

The sexy mom of four feels most comfortable having heart to hearts while bare-ass. Brad’s one lucky guy. [Us Magazine]

50 Cent Plots Disappearing Act

The hip-hop star is ready to take a rest from recording after dropping his next two discs. [Minsters & Critics]

LC & Heidi: Rumble In The Hills
These two frenemies are crashing each other’s shoots to secure
airtime. This behind-the-scenes battle sounds better than their show. [Us Magazine]

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LiLo Sneaks Out Of Rehab To Sweat

It’s barely been a week, and already Lindsay Lohan has been spotted sneaking out of the Promises Treatment Center (chaperoned, of course) to work up a sweat at a local gym and hit up an AA meeting.

It’s hard to believe that the red-haired diva – who is reportedly still planning on throwing a Vegas birthday bash – is so particular about her treadmill options that she needed to split.  It’s not like she was busy working out in the weeks leading up to her latest booze-fueled meltdown, unless she counts her liver as a body part that needs exercise.  And I’m sure that the exclusive Promises, at $48,000 a month, has all the state of the art gym equipment the spoiled actress needs.

Let’s be real – Lilo just missed her paparazzi pals. Getting her picture snapped is one addiction that she’s not planning on kicking anytime soon.


The Lo’ Show

Dinalohan_tvStage mother of the century Dina Lohan may be able to stop living vicariously through her daughter Lindsay soon — the New York Post is reporting that Dina’s mulling starring in her own reality show on E! The show is tentatively called Mom-ager and would focus on Dina’s crusade to turn Lindsay’s younger sister Ali (14) and brother Cody (11) into stars. No word on whether this would involve lessons in snorting and eating disorders. We can only hope.

Although Mom-ager sounds like extremely consumable hate-fuel (tune in every week to feel justified for loathing this woman!), it would ultimately be a terrible decision on her part. If you want to win friends and influence people, exposing the inner workings of your campaign to exploit your children and turn them into Hollywood trash may not be the place to start. But Dina’s eyes might be too clogged with stars for her to ever see reason. [New York Post]


Weekly Wrap-Up: Hollywood Filled With Felons, Addicts, and Marilyn Manson

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    Prison Fears: Nervous Nicole Shaking In Her Gucci Boots

    Nicole Richie
    has lost all
    her pals to sobriety and the slammer, and now she’s worried that she
    might be next.  Earlier this week the DUI diva revealed to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that she’s "nervous" about the possibility of prison,
    but is ready to "take responsibility" for her actions.  By actions, the pint-sized Simple Life star
    means popping a bunch of pills and hauling down the highway in the
    wrong direction.

    Poor little Richie girl!  Maybe prison would do the emaciated starlet well. I hear the food has calories there.

    Click here
    for an audio clip of Nicole dishing the dirt on Lindsay, Mischa, and her own legal woes.


    Blog Best-Of: Alba’s Abasement

    Jessicaalba_links- Jessica Alba says, "Most days I wake up and look in the mirror and go, ‘ugh.’ I don’t really think I look all that great." Amazing how modesty can enhance a girl’s hotness, huh? [Dlisted]

    - Lindsay Lohan has no plans to cancel her 21st birthday party. You didn’t really expect her to take rehab straight with no chaser, did you? [Best Week Ever]

    - An up-the-skirt shot of Beyoncé reveals something that looks a hell of a lot like a penis in her panties. "Frustrated drag queen," it is, then! [Rhymes With Snitch]

    - Speaking of penises, T-Pain comments on Ray J‘s: "He got a foot on him…no homo." No homo, my ass. And his. [Crunk + Disorderly]

    - Christina Aguilera‘s new perfume is deemed "tacky" and "cheap" by market research groups. When reached for comment, Christina replied, "Duh. That’s the point." [A Socialite’s Life]

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    Daddy-Lo Dishes On Lindsay’s Fave Drug

    Michael Lohan, a recovering addict
    who’s training to be a drug counselor, is blabbing that his baby girl
    is trying to kick not just alcohol and blow, but OxyContin. Takes one
    to know one, I guess. Hey, Daddy-Lo, didn’t you hear your kid’s
    tear-filled jam "Confessions Of A Broken Heart"? She’s still mad about
    that whole "screwed your family, got sent to jail" thing and wants you
    to leave her alone! Unless, of course, you know where she could get
    some of that prescription drug deliciousness. Then you should
    definitely give her a call.

    And Linds isn’t alone in her crisis. Famous pals have got her back. Find out who after the jump!

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    Marilyn Manson Talks Firecrotch

    Marilyn Manson, King of the Goths, returns with a new record next Tuesday. In advance of its release he’s doing all sorts of funny promotion, like divorcing his stripper wife, humping his barely legal girlfriend and covering Justin Timberlake songs. Now he’s even doing stand-up. Just kidding. Sort of. In this bizarre video, Manson discusses Lindsay Lohan‘s vaginal grooming. Hmm. Is Marilyn someone you’d let near your swimsuit area with a razor?