Matthew McConaughey Loves Money – And His Kid

We’d never pegged Matthew McConaughey for one of those “I can make a cool million or two if I pimp my month old kid on a magazine cover. Suh-weeeeet!” types, but it turns out, Mr. Naked Bongos is all about they money! He probably figured out how many cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon he can buy with the cash he earned from shilling his kid, and started snapping pics with little Levi was half way out of the womb.

Even the birth was totally McConaughfied. “Contractions started kicking in,” Matt described. “I sat there with her, right between her legs. We got tribal on it, we danced to it! I was DJ-ing this Brazilian music.”

Oh crap. We had high hopes for this kid, but he’s probably already dancing naked in someone else’s crib. [OK!]


Matthew McConaughey Welcomes Baby Boy

Congrats to the always sweaty, always stinky actor Matthew McConaughey and his way hot girlfriend Camila Alves, who became the parents of a healthy baby boy yesterday evening. The unnamed tot (who will definitely be one handsome SOB in a couple of decades) weighed in at 7 pounds, four ounces, and was surely embraced by his new dad as the future of naked drumming. We expect to see some serious father-son bonding from these two!

Back when they announced the pregnancy in January, Matt had this to say on his blog:

“We are stoked and wowed by this miracle of creation and this gift from God, and so excited for the adventure that will come in raising this child, being a mother and a father, and sheparding him or her through this life.”

And we are stoked for them. Hurray!


Kanye Coveting McConaughey’s Babymama?

Camila Alves is the 25-year-old model who “made a baby” with shirtless wonder Matthew McConaughey. She also, apparently, happens to be the latest object of Kanye West‘s affection. Earlier today, the temperamental rapper posted a shot of McConaughey’s babymama on his blog. In the past several weeks, Kanye has uploaded shots of ladies he fancies…and Camila’s the latest. Think Ye knows Camila’s flat stomach looks a little different these days?


Matthew’s Gonna Be a Cool Dad

matthew011608.jpgHey future little duder or dudette, or whatever kind of creature you may be,

This is your dad Matthew McConaughey writing to you. Actor Matthew McConaughey. That’s right, I’m your pops. Don’t freak. I know Sahara will probably be like, your fave flick, but seriously, it’s not that big of a deal. What is a big deal is that you’re my kid and I love you. You were made out of love. Hot, sweaty, sandy love, with a little bit of ocean water and seaweed mixed in. Or you were created on the pull-out bed in my totally rad trailer. We can’t really remember, cuz it was one of those nights were I was hosting the full moon drum circle and stuff got a little nuts. But what matters is that we love you, dude, and I want to make sure you know one very important thing: your mom is smokin’ hot. So hot it hurts. I just wanted to bring that up. Anyway, I can’t wait to get to know you and stuff. I can’t believe I’ve actually made something good!

Peace out little guy,


PS – Please don’t go see Fool’s Gold.


Thursday: Justin Dishes on Ex-Love Britney

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Blog Best-Of: Heidi’s Heaving Bosoms

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