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Sheree Fletcher With Her Hollywood Ex Will Smith

fresh prince

Not all of the Hollywood Exes may be able to bump into their ex and take a selfie but Sheree Fletcher and Will Smith took this happy snapshot when they saw each other over the weekend. The amicable exes were at the same Memorial Day party hosted by Martin stars Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin. (So cool!)

Kind of obsessed with the idea of all 90s sitcom stars just chilling at BBQs in the Hollywood Hills together. Was Jaleel White there too?! Make sure to tune into an all new Hollywood Exes tonight at 9 PM ET/PT.

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Sheree Fletcher On Will Smith Money & Why Trey Isn’t Like Willow & Jaden

On Monday night’s explosive episode of Hollywood Exes, Mayte Garcia talked about the difficulties of being a single parent. When Sheree related, Mayte shut it down saying, “Sheree, you had Will Smith money. I don’t.” We were able to catch up with Sheree about what went through her head when Mayte said that and why her son Trey Smith isn’t in the news like his famous siblings, Willow and Jaden Smith.
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Power Pals: Jaden Smith & Christian Combs

Watch out world! The sons of Will Smith and Sean Combs have joined forces and plan to take over Tinseltown! The youngsters looked suave-beyond-their-years at the premiere of Hancock, easily owning the spotlight on the star-studded red carpet. See more pics from the premiere below, including Charlize Theron, Queen Latifah, and Daughtry:


Will’s Scientology School is Scaring People

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have started a school! 80% of the students will be receiving some form of financial aid! Awesome! So why is everyone freaking out about its ties to Scientology? Yes, the school has some teachers who identify as Scientologists – but according to the school’s head, teachers of all religions have been hired and the school itself has no religious affiliation. The school will be also using something called “study technology” (created by Scientology guru L. Ron Hubbard)as one of their teaching methods, which “focuses on students gaining hands-on experience, mastering subject matter before moving to the next level, and being taught not to read past words they don’t understand.” But again, other methods are supposedly being used, and honestly, doesn’t hands-on experience sound awesome?

Er, not everyone thinks so. David Touretzky, Carnegie Mellon professor and Scientology critic, argues, “There is no reputable educator anywhere who endorses [study technology]. What happens is that children are inculcated with Scientology jargon and are led to regard L.R. Hubbard as an authority figure. They are laying the groundwork for later bringing people into Scientology.”

Here’s how we can answer, once and for all, if Smith’s school is a Scientology breeding ground – is Suri Cruise a student? [LA Times]


The 10 Most F*ckable Celebs at the MTV Movie Awards


While the rest of the world was paying attention to who was winning what at the MTV Movie Awards, a few of us were drooling over our favorite celebs that looked good enough to bed. Check out our picks for the 10 Most F*ckable Celebs at last night’s show – and tell us, were you as turned on by Audrina’s new bangs as we were?

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Kimora: Fabulosity and Scientology

kimora_lee_simmonsLooks like Scientology is looking to recruit some fresh blood, and being that they’re an equal opportunity establishment, they’d like some African-American representatives to preach their gospel. According to Radar, Kimora Lee Simmons and Will Smith and his wife Jada are the latest couch-jumpers to join the ranks. Smith and his wife — longtime friends and photo opps of Tom Cruise — make sense, but Kimora? Apparently the recently sperminated Baby Phat founder distributed copies of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s The Way To Happiness at her kids’ school. Umm…inappropriate?

And speaking of inappropriate, or maybe just awkward, more evidence of Tom Cruise’s completely bizarro ways has surfaced in the form of his birthday video from a few years back. After a video montage with accompanying music to Tommy’s greatest scenes, Tom hops on stage for a
rousing rendition of “Old Time Rock And Roll.” Just goes to show kids: Scientology might make you famous, but it won’t make you any less tone deaf.

For clues as to who else in Hollywood is a Friend of Tom’s, check out our Sexy Scientologist flipbook.


While You Were Having a Life…

If you were too busy stuffing your face with junk to stuff your brain with gossip and entertainment news over the past few days, have no fear: we’ve rounded up the biggest pop-culture stories that happened over the long weekend. The following is all you need to know about what happened when you were on holiday or just too lazy to turn on the computer:

jay-z_roundup.jpgJay-Z Quit Def Jam – Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Jay-Z came to day, “BeyoncĂ©, with your nose so bright…” Kidding! But Jay really did announce on the 24th that he’s leaving his post as president of Def Jam. There wasn’t much by way of explanation: in the vague wording of his official statement, he’s looking to “take on new challenges.” Bizarrely, he plans to keep recording for the label. If his history with retiring is any indication, expect him back in that leather seat and chomping on a cigar within a year’s time. [E! News]

Katherine Heigl Married – Bland led the bland as the world’s most inexplicable movie star met her singing, songwriting beau Josh Kelley at the aisle Sunday in Park City, Utah. And when they get divorced it will be just as uninteresting! [People]

Lindsay Lohan Turned Out To Be a Sex Addict - I knew she was too good in I Know Who Killed Me to be acting! [News of the World]

Michelle Rodriguez Spent Christmas in Jail – At least someone would have her over. [Us Weekly]

A Woman Was Arrested for Taking a Picture of R. Kelly in Court - And then he peed on her. [Yahoo!]

Will Smith Maybe Said Something Questionable About Hitler…? – On the goodness of human nature, Will Smith reportedly told a Scottish paper: “Even Hitler didn’t wake up going, ‘Let me do the most evil thing I can do today.’ I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good’. Stuff like that just needs reprogramming.” So, maybe it was foolish of him to attempt to get into Hitler’s brain in the first place, but whatever — he didn’t say that Hitler was good, he said that Hitler was deluded. The distinction was, apparently, lost on the Jewish Defense League who said that Will’s words “spit on the memory of every person murdered by the Nazis.” O RLY? The outcry caused Will’s rep to proclaim the allegations “a lie.” “It speaks to the dangerous power of an ignorant person with a pen.” So, wait, he didn’t say that, then? Sorry, I can’t hear anything over the Christmas carols and rustling of wrapping paper. []

Britney Spazzed at the Paparazzi – For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. For others, it’s just business as usual. []

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Blog Best-Of: Will’s Willie

Willsmith_links- Will Smith says the secret to his relationship with Jada Pinkett is "really, really good sex…I’m really good at it." The only thing he’s better at is lying. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Britney Spears flashes her panties to the world. It’s been so long! It’s like seeing an old, crusty friend that smells like poop. [The Superficial]

- Victoria Beckham‘s reality TV show forces her to get a life. Too bad it’s still boring. [CityRag]

- Who has nicer breasts than Beyoncé? Jay-Z does! Jay-Z does! [Just Jared]

- Shar Jackson denies the K-Fed baby rumor that circulated earlier today. Bad move, Shar: you just gave herself an attention abortion. [Dlisted]

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