Rodeo Cleared Of Theft Charges


If this news doesn’t make you throw an apple up in the air while wearing a cowboy hat and balancing one foot on an exercise ball, I don’t know what will! Remember how Rock of Love‘s Cindy “Rodeo” Steedle was arrested last October at an Atlanta nightclub for allegedly stealing her ex-boyfriend’s car and gun safe? No? Well it happened and now we can emphasize that “allegedly,” because the charges have been dropped. Per a press release from her manager:

We are pleased to announce Cindy “Rodeo” Steedle received a letter from the Henry County Superior Court (Georgia) dated Thursday, January 13, 2011, stating the District Attorney has dismissed all charges against Cindy related to an outstanding warrant and arrest that occurred on October 14, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cindy “Rodeo” Steedle was arrested at an Atlanta event while promoting Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now. The arrest was over a warrant for allegedly stealing her ex-boyfriend’s personal property.

After months of investigation, it’s apparent the prosecutors dropped the charges against Cindy due to insufficient proof. Cindy stated all along these allegations were completely unfounded.
We were confident the charges would be dismissed in a timely fashion and Cindy’s name would be cleared.

Now that this ordeal is behind her, Cindy will continue to move forward with her career and focus on her new talk show, The Voice, which is in development and set to launch in 2011.

There’s nothing left to say but: YEE HAW!!!


Rock Of Love Girls: Where Are They Now? (In Their Own Words)


I’ll just be up front about it: I love Rock of Love girls so much that I’d be willing to open a retirement home for them (if I ever find myself with an excess of cash). It would be an investment in self-perpetuating entertainment. In the meantime, getting to see them on VH1 again via Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now was a little slice of satisfaction in itself. Since I’ll never, under any circumstances pass up the opportunity to talk to a Rock of Love girl, I figured I’d take advantage of this opportunity and get a few of them on the phone to help flesh out their on-air updates.

Below, Angelique, Brandi C., Megan, Heather, Rodeo, Marcia, Farrah, Ashley and Brittaney Starr (who wasn’t featured on the special, but contributed to this piece, anyway) talk about daunting transition from reality TV to actual reality. They give their thoughts on Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, share whether they’ve found happiness and reveal what they’re doing to feed themselves. Who’s bartending? Who’s back at the strip club? The answers may surprise you, but then again since it is Rock of Love girls we’re talking about, maybe not.

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Rodeo Vs. Michael Lohan?!


TMZ says that Cindy “Rodeo” Steedle of Rock of Love/I Love Money/Charm School, whose laugh still rings in our heads and hearts, recently filed a police report against Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan. Apparently, Rodeo alleges that Michael assaulted her while they filmed a reality show together (!!!) — she supposedly aroused his ire after complaining about not getting paid. She also claims in a letter that he “brushed his hand on my lower bottom.” Michael denies the claims, saying, “Anyone in the house will tell you that she is lying. I’d rather touch a hot stove, rather than her.” We have no idea what they could have been filming or how this will play out, but we can’t wait to see either! [TMZ]


Catching Up With Heather

If you’ve been wondering what Heather from Rock of Love/I Love Money/Rock of Love Charm School has been up to, wonder no more: watch her swaying along and preparing tomato sauce in the video above for Donnie Athens’ “The Good Life.”

Heather’s also on Twitter, FYI.


Heather Chadwell Guests On It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


Heather Chadwell of Rock of Love/I Love Money/Charm School fame is set to appear on this week’s episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, premiering Thursday at 10/9c on FX. According to Heather’s MySpace, there is a preview up on Fancast, but I can’t get it to play. Perhaps you can.

Heather’s post-reality resume continues to grow (so to the haters: ha!). She appeared on a recent episode of Californication and is set to appear in a the indie drama Sandy Creek Girls. You can read about her other appearances on her MySpace. She’s certainly getting her face out there — how many of her peers can you say that about?

And lest you think Heather is packing up reality for scripted fare, she tells us that she is working on a reality show with two other Rock of Love girls. She won’t get into specifics this early in the game, which come to think of it, is very Hollywood of her.

Check out two more shots of Heather on the Sunny set below and remember to tune in Thursday! [via ONTD – Thanks to Brenda for the tip!]

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Bret Reflects On Rock Of Love

Posted above is an extended interview from the taping of Bret MichaelsBehind the Music (premiering Thursday at 9/8c). In it, he talks about his time on Rock of Love – why he initially passed when offered the show, how his dynamic with the girls turned out to be way different from what he expected, and what the show taught him about “traditional” dating. A big chunk of the episode is devoted to Rock of Love (including interviews with key people from the show’s past), so don’t miss it when it premieres Thursday. In the meantime, you can check out even more clips from Bret’s BTM interview sessions, in which he covers topics like his upcoming autobiography, Poison’s early days of getting paid not to play and his “love hate relationship of Biblical proportions” with C.C. DeVille.

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Six More Reality Stars Who Want(ed) to Be Singers

Last week, Movieline posted a list of “the six most egregious reality-stars-turned-singers,” and while it included two VH1-rooted personalities (Brooke Hogan and Celebrity Rehab‘s Jeff Conway), not one member of the …Of Love universe popped up. For shame! The aspiring singers and rappers have provided some of the best musical entertainment VH1 has offered since…well, since VH1 regularly played music. (Just kidding! We still do! Sometimes!) Six of our favorites are below starting with…

Lacey Conner (Rock of Love) “This Thing Called Love”

Within minutes of the first episode of Rock of Love, Lacey jumped behind a drum kit and commenced annoying her fellow Bret-lovers with her infernal racket. But not even that could have prepared us for this synth-pop ditty and its curiously…curious video (directed by Lacey’s dad, Otis). Lacey’s played with industrial mega-band Pigface, which is kinda a big deal. The fact that this video has almost 10 times as many YouTube views as Pigface’s most popular video makes Lacey kinda a bigger deal…I guess?

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Heather Visited Michael Jackson’s Hospital

Rock of Love/I Love Money/Charm School‘s Heather Chadwell hit the chaotic scene of the UCLA Medical Center just moments after the death of Michael Jackson was announced. She and her friend Sham Ibrahim shot the on-the-scene report above and sent in this description of their experience:

It was a really sunny day in LA and we were riding to Malibu Beach when our friend called and told us Michael Jackson died 5 minutes ago! We happened to be right next to UCLA medical center where he was taken right after his cardiac arrest. We snuck into the UCLA Medical Center building. We went in the back door, up the elevator, back down, and out the front door, where the UCLA Medical staff, fire men, and security guards were creating a decoy scene of his body being taken away to distract the media. We walked through the chaos and saw two choppers leave and realized that they may have taken him out the back door. We were totally shocked and saddened to loose not one but two legends of our generation in the same day! We left and went to Malibu, listening to Michael Jackson songs on every radio station the whole way, celebrating Michael and Farrah’s lives and appreciating ours!

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Bret Michaels, Romantic Revolutionary


For a recent spread, People did up a bunch of bachelors in costumes and settings fit for romance novels. One of said bachelors was Bret Michaels. If watching him stick his tongue down women’s throats for three seasons didn’t make you swoon, surely this will. Also, watch this behind-the-scenes video of Bret talking about his new-found interest in quality, not quantity when it comes to women. So I guess 20+ women per season of Rock of Love signals a scaling back for him? [via Jezebel]

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