Pam Anderson Bags a Mind Freak


Are Pam Anderson and Criss Angel doing the nasty? This juicy coupling is currently just a buzzed about rumor, but we wouldn’t be surprised. These two are like the King and Queen of Vegas D Listers, and they kind of look perfect next to each other. And doesn’t Pam have a thing for magicians? Since her break up with Rick Solomon she’s been linked with her Vegas “boss” Hans Klok. Still, some eagle-eyed spy spotted Pam and Criss getting cozy at an Elton John concert this weekend! We predict a wedding announcement in 48 hours, tops. [M&C/Perez]


Criss Angel Wooes Another Washed Up Star

pamcriss.jpgLast week, when Pam Anderson split from her husband – Paris Hilton sex partner Rick Salomon – for two days, it wasn’t just because they got married after only being together for 3 hours. There was another person involved! A man – or rather an illusion of a man, the mysterious monstrous lady-lover, Criss Angel. Apparently Salomon freaked when he caught wind of Pam’s canoodling session with the Angel while he was out of town earning the fam some bread at a poker tournament. It blew up into a huge fight and Pam headed to her lawyer a few days later. A pal of Pam’s said, “It was just another log on the fire. Their relationship is so volatile [that] I’m sure this won’t be the last time she files, but nothing happened with her and Criss; they were just hanging out.”

This is just one of the perks of marrying someone you barely know. One minute they could be all relaxed and mellow and the next second you’re learning they’re totally psycho! But honestly, we’d freak too if our woman was within one hundred feet of that magical idiot, even if he was just trying to pull a quarter from her ear. [NYP]


Friday: Nicole Bosses Her Man Around; Amy Winehouse Gets Healthy

nicole0817071.jpgBrit and Criss Angel Plot VMA Spot
The singer’s VMA performance is reportedly confirmed, and she’s brought Criss Angel in to help plan her gig. He can get on stage and distract the crowd with card tricks while Brit bombs. [X17]

Nicole’s Got Joel Whipped
Joel had to turn down a photo with a lady fan after Nicole gave him strict instructions to avoid any situation that may get rumors started. Let’s star a rumor about Nicole being controlling instead! [NY Post]

Reece and Ryan’s Secret Dates
The estranged couple have apparently been going on dates to try to rekindle their romance. Nothing like a little divorce to spice things up! [E Online]

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Criss Angel Works His Magic on Britney


Last night Britney Spears was spotted out on the town with cheeseball magician Criss Angel. The pair ended up partying at some hotel and then spent the night together in Angel’s room. The worst part is that Brit’s bodyguard was spotted running out to a 7-11 to buy condoms. Ugh. Criss couldn’t just pull them out of a hat or something? This is the fourth hot Hollywood starlet Criss Angel has been linked to (see above for reference), and while his “illusions” aren’t mind-blowing, his macking skills sure are. Maybe while he’s at it he can work some magic on the current state of Britney’s career, too. [X17, Us Weekly. Images: Getty]

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WTF is So Great About Criss Angel?

Can anyone make sense of the phenomenon that is celebrity ladies doing the nasty with illusionist Criss Angel? We all know Cameron Diaz had a major brain fart and dated the guy for a month this summer. But did you know that he and Paris Hilton stuck their tongues in each other’s mouths last year? The pics are not for the faint of heart (and definitely belong on the Hot Chicks with Douchebags website) . Now we find out that Lindsay Lohan spent her first weekend out of rehab getting cozy with the magician! It’s like these ladies go to Las Vegas, drink some "I want to bump uglies with a lame dude" juice, and all their standards go to waste. Sure, Paris and Linds aren’t virginal saints, but at least they limit their skankiness to decent looking dudes (Nick Carter excluded) or guys with charming personalities (I’m looking at you, Wilmer!). If only there was some way to make Criss Angel disappear for good.


Criss Angel Loves Cam(eras)

After ending a Hollywood courtship, stars tend to go for a nice, hot rebound. Find someone way sexier than your ex, make out in public a few times, and move on. Unless you’re our girl Cameron Diaz. After getting tossed by Timberlake, she’s been spotted with magician Criss Angel, who looks less like a Houdini-type and more like the lead singer of a nineties nu-metal band.

Now Angel is gettin’ all creepy, and it’s not just cuz he’s struck by love. Turns out he likes the magic of free publicity too. At his latest stunt – trapping himself in a clear, cement covered box – he declared, "This is dedicated to my new girl. You know who you are. I’ll be thinking of you."


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Wednesday: Paris Flashes Nipples and the Bible


[Image credit: The Superficial]

Pre-Jail Paris: Bible Studies?
A bra-less Hilton picked up the Holy Bible from a Hollywood book shop. What? Did the Hilton Hotels run out of their bibles? [The Superficial]

Is Jay-Z Stealing From His Waiters?
Employees at his NYC club claim the rapper is keeping a cut of their tips and refusing to pay them overtime. Is he writing The Blueprint for how to be sued? [New York Post]

TomKat May Spawn Another Kitten
Rumor has it that Katie Holmes may be getting ready to produce another baby Scientologist. [MSNBC]

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