by (@lizburrito)

The Twitterpedia Of VH1 Stars, Past and Present

It’s always fun to follow celebrities on Twitter, but here at VH1, our on-air talent has taken Tweeting and turned it into an art form. Take the cast of Mob Wives, who went from not even having Twitter accounts seven weeks ago to having more than 100,000 followers now. Or the ladies from Basketball Wives, who keep us updated on all their t-shirt drama, even when the cameras aren’t rolling. (Not to mention the crossover love these women have for one another’s shows, which is kind of sweet.)

The point is, you should be following them, and to make it easy, we’ve taken the liberty of doing all the Twitter dirty work so you can follow everyone on the network just by checking our our comprehensive VH1 Twitterpedia below. Need to know the handles of the folks from the last season of Celebrity Rehab or You’re Cut Off? We’ve got all that and more. Check it. Click it. Re-Tweet it.

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