Basketball Wives At NBA’s All-Star Weekend

Above is a recap of some Basketball Wives-related activity that went down at the NBA All-Star Weekend in L.A. that took place Saturday and Sunday. Shaunie O’Neal talks about her hectic schedule, Kimberli Russell talks about the importance of independence and Royce Reed goes shopping…with surprising results. For someone teased relentlessly for her style, she ends up looking damn good.


Tami Roman On Spain, Cultural Sensitivity And Suzie Ketcham

Once again, we have a video interview with Tami Roman all about this week’s episode of Basketball Wives. Above, Tami further explains her extreme reaction to the “gift” of a suckling pig and why she doesn’t think she was culturally insensitive. “Here in the States, we don’t have pigs with heads and feet,” she says — so take that, Spain! She also talks about her feelings regarding Suzie and their confrontation. It isn’t exactly water under the bridge…


Royce Reed Denies Marlon Yates Rumor

@Shannhenderson yes I did & it's 100% not tru I don't entertain tht stuffless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

A too-salacious-to-be-true rumor posted by the too-unreliable-to-ever-be-considered-an-actual-source site MediaTakeout suggested that the root of the Shaunie O’Neal‘s tension with Royce Reed had something to do with Shaunie’s boyfriend, Marlon Yates, attempting to hit on Royce. The reason you can tell the post is total crap (besides the venue at which it’s posted)? It says the drama “will not make it to the air.” As if anyone in their right mind working on Basketball Wives would pass on that storyline! Royce has already taken to Twitter to deny it (as has Marlon — a few times), and there was absolutely zero talk of it at last weekend’s Basketball Wives 2 reunion taping. And if there’s one thing you should know about these ladies is that they’re now experts at not holding back.


Tami Roman On The Bullfight: “It Was Barbaric”

…and she loved every minute of it! In this quick interview, Tami talks about this week’s episode of Basketball Wives and why her co-stars are wimps for checking out early and/or covering their faces during the bullfight.”If you can throw water in somebody’s face, you can definitely watch a bull being slaughtered,” she reasons. Touché, ole, etc.


Suzie Ketcham: I Haven’t Left Basketball Wives


Refuting a TMZ report from last week that proclaimed Suzie Ketcham would not return to Basketball Wives should it be picked up for Season 3, Suzie told us directly that she’s made no such decision just yet. “Filming Season 2 was so hard for me. It was miserable,” she says. “I’d really have to weigh the pros and cons, but it’s not a definite no. I think I know how to handle things better now and I’ve moved on with the whole Evelyn situation. I don’t care anymore.”

Suzie says she has no idea who TMZ used as a source for its report, and says that she found out about it herself (where else?) on Twitter.


Royce Reed’s Recaps – Basketball Wives Season 2, Episode 8


We are so excited to have Royce Reed blogging here at throughout the upcoming season of Basketball Wives. From her insider’s perspective, Royce plans to recap her life both onscreen and off. Below, Royce takes on the eighth episode of Basketball Wives, Season 2, which was all about people giving her a hard time for being sick…

F***in’ for Handbags!

OK, let me start out by saying I used to LOVE history class. I was able to travel around the world to several different countries in my life with people I did and also didn’t consider to be my friends. However the difference, I realize, was we were all there to broaden our minds and learn about different cultures. It didn’t matter if we got along, we were just happy to be there. I’ve been to five different continents and several places within them, so I always ended up enjoying myself and eventually even squashing the immature beef I may have had with anyone.

My point of going on this trip to Spain on the show was 1) I was invited, 2) I didn’t have an issue with Shaunie, who invited me, and 3) IT WAS SPAIN! Let’s be real, sick or not, if you were into history, culture and traveling, you would’ve taken your ass there too.

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