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See What Contestants From Celebrity Fit Club Look Like Now

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Back in 2005, a little show that could debuted, Celebrity Fit Club matching famous peeps with a team of nutritionists, life coaches, trainers – even a drill sergeant. For 7 seasons everyone from Kevin Federline to Maureen “Marcia Brady” McCormick to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion host Sommore competed against one another and themselves to shed those extra pounds.

VH1 recently caught up with cast members Dr. Ian Smith, drill sergeant Harvey Walden IV and contestant Dustin “Screech” Diamond about their experiences on the show and what memories have stuck with them. Check their answers and scroll through our gallery to see what many of the famous contestants looked like then and how they’re faring now. Read more…


The Celebreality Awards Pt. 1 – The Achievements

To recap VH1′s year in Celebreality programming, we’re honoring the craziness (and, let’s face it: crazies) with an informal (and fairly arbitrary) set of awards we’re giving away online. Actually, there are no real awards to give away, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. It is, after all, the holiday season.

Part 1 kicks off today. Below, we look back at the special achievements reached on shows like Charm School, Rock of Love, Ego Trip’s The White Rapper Show, Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women and Gotti’s Way. Our first award is the Achievement in Beauty, Nails Division, which goes to…


…Sister Patterson! I mean, duh, right?

Read more…


Da Brat Goes on the Attack

brat_mugshot.jpgWe’ve always loved how sassy Da Brat‘s been on The Surreal Life 4 and Celebrity Fit Club, but damn she’s even spunkier in real life! The rapper was arrested early this morning in Atlanta after clocking a nightclub waitress. Holy sh*t, she’s not effing around! Apparently the two got in a fight that escalated into shoving, until Da Brat took it to the next level with a little rum-bottle-in-the-face action. The waitress ended up at the hospital and Da Brat ended up posing for this beautiful mug shot (right) and getting charged with “felony aggravated assault.” The best part is that she appears to be in some sort of Halloween costume – that yellow polka dot jacket and pink tie has gotta be more than just a quirky fashion statement, right? [Smoking Gun]


VH1 Invades the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards


The Fox Reality Channel Really Awards taped last night, and it almost goes without saying that it was a Celebreality-studded event — you know VH1 owns this ish! Rock of Love‘s Heather, Kristia and Brandi C., Charm School‘s Schatar and Saaphyri, Brooke Hogan, Danny Bonaduce, Alexis Arquette, Brigitte Nielsen, Adrianne Curry, Christopher Knight, Ant, Chyna and Scott Baio with his very pregnant fiancée Renee were just some of the past and future VH1 stars to take part in the festivities. The show doesn’t air till Oct. 13 on the Fox Reality network, but you can get a peep at what people were wearing (or in some cases, not wearing) below. Make sure to check out the shot of Heather posing on Chris Crocker‘s lap. She could teach him so much about hair!

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The Forty Greatest Reality Moments

Reality Tv

Reality TV never runs out of amazing moments, and thankfully VH1 has put them all in one place for your viewing pleasure. Tune it to VH1 to see all the delicious drama that makes our reality TV nation truly great . The fights! The boozing! The falls! The cheating! Flavor Flav! Read the full list below and then let us know if you agree with our picks and the order in which we’ve placed them!

  1. American Idol – Clay Aiken surprises admirer
  2. Cheaters – husband caught in S&M tryst
  3. Trading Spouses – God warrior wife
  4. Flavor of Love – Pumkin spits at New York
  5. Real World: Denver – Brooke goes bonkers
  6. Man Vs Wild – Bear eats live fish
  7. Armed & Famous — celebs shocked
  8. Big Brother 8 – housemate hates photo
  9. Celebrity Fit Club 5 – Dustin Diamond vs. Harvey
  10. Adventures in Hollyhood – Sugarfoot gets slap happy Read more…


Tonight on VH1: The Forty Greatest Reality Moments 2

Dustin DiamondReality TV never runs out of amazing moments, and thankfully VH1 has put them all in one place for your viewing pleasure. Tune it tonight at 8 PM EST to countdown all the delicious drama that makes our reality TV nation truly great . The fights! The boozing! The falls! The cheating! Flavor Flav!

Want a sneak peak as to what’s made the list? Here are a few of our faves. Where do you think they fall on the countdown?

  • Pumkin’s spit heard (and seen) around the world from Flavor of Love 1
  • Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn ripping Santino a new one
  • Dustin Diamond‘s Celebrity Fit Club battle versus the verbal wrath of coach Harvey
  • America’s Next Top Model‘s fainting contestant
  • The war of the drunk roommates on The Real World: Denver

Tune in to VH1 tonight at 8 PM EST to catch The Forty Greatest Reality Moments 2, and check back with The VH1 Blog to see the complete list!

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The Weekly Wrap-Up: Lindsay’s Party, Clay’s Broadway Show, Paris’ New Life

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Biel_300x400    Fab_300x400


Aniston_300x400  Clay_300x400  Lindsay_300x400_3


Ross: From Fit Club to Girls’ Club?

Is the now-skinny Celebrity Fit Club album Ross Matthews ready to chew the fat with the ladies of The View full-time? That’s the rumor that’s swirling around the seat that Rosie O’Donnell‘s May departure from the show has left vacant. Ross and comedian Mario Cantone are set to guest host the show next month, leading to speculation that a dude might eventually replace Ro. This would effectively end The View panel’s estrogen-only policy. View grand dame Barbara Walters has said that the choice for Rosie’s replacement won’t be revealed until late July, and a mouthpiece for the show says that no offers have been made. Other names batted around have included Whoopi Goldberg and Kathy Griffin.

Isn’t the whole point of The View that it’s a bunch of women sitting around other women, talking out of their women’s mouths and using their women’s brains? Doesn’t having a man on the panel undermine its identity? Even worse: what does adding a dude to the forum who’s as openly…open as Ross or Mario really say? That flamboyant is the new female? [People / Image credit: Getty]


Links to Reality

- There’s more than one way to get Buckwild – Charm School‘s Becky hosts a weekly Internet radio show Sundays at 6:30 ET. It is awesome. And we’re not just saying that because this week, we’re on it. [Blog Talk Radio]

- If you’re excited for Rock of Love, you aren’t alone – check out this brief clip of a concert audience chanting to show their anticipation. [Bret Michaels’ MySpace]

- Celebrity Fit Club‘s Ant has choice words on Joe Rogan‘s etiquette. Who does he think he is, Mo’Nique? []

- Donald Trump is teaming with Fox for a show that provides "a stern course on debutante manners" to wild women. Hmmm…that concept sounds familiar. Where have we seen something like that before? [Radar Online]

- When Charm School is over, there will still be plenty of Mo’Nique to go around – her next F.A.T. Chance pageant is set to air July 28 on Oxygen. [ETOnline]

- Just in case you missed it: here’s a feature on I Love New York‘s Tango where he extols the virtues of Jay-Z and My Chemical Romance, alike. Eclectic!

Ross Matthews is named Hot Slut of the Month on Dlisted. See? Appear on Celebrity Fit Club and all of your dreams come true. [Dlisted]

- Think you know Celebreality? Try out this game and give yourself an ego boost.