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Where Are They Now: The Ladies Of Flavor Of Love

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When Pumkin was spitting on New York and the sound effects were cued for Hottie batting her eyelashes? (Swoon!) Weren’t those the days? The days of Flavor Of Love and its spawn Charm School, I Love New York, I Love Money, etc, etc, etc.! Sigh, we miss them! Read more…

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Throwback Thursday: The 12 Best VH1 Shows About Love

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Here at VH1, we were feeling a little nostalgic about some of our favorite reality shows about ‘love.’ Maybe it’s because we recently watched a bunch of them on Hulu+ and rekindled our love for Flavor Flav, Bret Michaels, New York, Real and Chance, Daisy, and the whole crew of crazy personalities that made TV worth watching. And honestly, after reading this list we are digging through our DVD drawers to dust off our copies of Flavor Of Love and I Love New York among others.

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Details In Flavor Flav Arrest Emerge, Including Arguments, Knives, And Infidelity Rumors

Flavor Flav Mugshot Arrested
Yesterday we reported on the fact that Flavor Of Love star Flavor Flav was arrested after an altercation at his home in Las Vegas and was being held on $23,000 bail, and today, even more details of the dispute have emerged.

The police report states that Flav allegedly threw his fiancee, Elizabeth Trujillo, to the ground twice after an argument about infidelity. Trujillo’s 17-year-old son tried to intervene, and Flav reportedly chased the boy through the house with two kitchen knives. Though he admits to a scuffle with Trujillo, he denies chasing the boy. Up until this morning when he posted bail, Flav had been locked up at the Clark County jail, and he is expected to appear before a judge next week. Punishment if convicted could mean up to six years in prison for the Public Enemy star.

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Flavor Flav Arrested For Assault In Las Vegas

Flavor Flav Arrested In Las Vegas

TMZ is reporting that Flavor Of Love star Flavor Flav has been arrested in Las Vegas. Though details are sketchy at the moment, they have confirmed that Flav, whose real name is William Drayton, Jr., was arrested early this morning for felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence. Law officials claim that he “allegedly got into a heated verbal argument with a teenager in his house, as well as his fiancee. His fiancee then called 911.” He is being held on $23,000 bail. We’ll bring you updates on this story as they come.

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VH1 Gossip Roundup For The Week Of 7/20/12: Mob Wives Chicago‘s Pia Spills It About Nora and Christina

Pia Rizza Mob Wives Chicago

  • Mob Wives Chicago star Pia Rizza has a LOT to say about her co-stars and nemeses Nora and Christina in this interview. [Baller Alert]
  • Congratulations (we think) to Celebrity Rehab star Michael Lohan and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Kate Major. The couple has announced they’re expecting a baby together, and TMZ informs us it was conceived while Major had a restraining order against Lohan. [TMZ]
  • This is your captain, Flavor Flav, speaking. Passengers on a Las Vegas-bound flight were treated to in-flight announcements from Flavor Flav as they approached their destination this weekend. [TMZ]
  • We’ve always thought Lil Scrappy‘s name was cute, and it turns out we’re not alone. The Awl just came out with a list of 142 rappers with non-threatening names and the Prince of the South comes in at number nine! Congrats on this dubious honor, Scrap! [The Awl]
  • Well, Drita came out on top in the VH1 Celebrity Bikini awards poll we posted last week, but it’s not over yet — the voting continues over here! [VH1 Celebrity]
  • Yandy Smith, who gave birth to her son this week, posted a pic of her nine months pregnant belly and all we have to say is wow! [Instagram]
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    VH1 Gossip Roundup For The Week Of 3/16/12: Ocho And Ev Treat Their Fans To Dinner And Spa Treatments, La La’s In Vogue

  • It pays to follow Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada on Twitter. Ocho treated two hundred fans to free dinner at soul food restaurant Sylvia’s this week after tweeting “Dinner in NY tonight 1st 200 people at Sylvias restaurant by 7pm in Harlem. Leave ya money/credit cards at home.” Lozada’s been holding a similar contest on her site, offering one fan a free spa day. [/Evelyn Lozada]
  • La La Anthony, along with Carmelo and Kiyan, landed a Vogue photo spread shot by Annie Leibovitz, and the whole family looks model-perfect. [Global Grind]
  • And speaking of gorgeous photo spreads, check out this one in InTouch of the whole cast of Mob Wives looking all cleaned up.
  • Flavor Flav is opening a fried chicken restaurant in Las Vegas, and of course it’s called Flavor Flav’s House Of Flavor. [Yahoo]
  • Somaya Reece, who we’ve mentioned before is undergoing a breast reduction, has posted a video to her blog showing off her new figure. She’s still recovering from surgery, but she’s pretty excited that she can button up her shirts now and can actually see her feet with her new figure! []
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    Hoopz Gives Shaq A Piggyback Ride (!!!)

    With all apologies to Flavor Flav, Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander and Shaquille O’Neal might just be the greatest couple of this or any time. Last night, the lovebirds appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and performed one of the more amazing feats we have ever laid eyes on. Much has been made of the couple’s hilarious height differential, so when the 7’1″, 325 lb. Shaq Diesel boasted to Kimmel that his 5’2″, 120 lb.(ish) ladyfriend gave him piggyback rides around Shaq-apulco (his mansion), the talk show host naturally demanded proof.

    Moments later, Hoopz materialized from the green room—while wearing heels, no less!—and proceeded to hoist her mammoth man onto her back. Amazingly, she was able to carry him across the entire stage before wiping out. We’ve captured the moment in GIF form for you below, which you can appreciate over and over and over again.

    Full video of this momentous feat after the jump.

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    Flavor Flav Talks Flavor Of Love With XXL

    Flavor Flav has a memoir coming out on June 1st called The Icon The Memoir in which the Public Enemy rapper discusses his drug addiction, his trouble with the law, and of course, his time spent on VH1′s Flavor of Love.

    In an interview with XXL Magazine, Flav elaborates on his stint as a reality star. He tells the site he got his start because “I was seen on the camera at Steve Harvey’s show. The next thing you know Bernie Mac people gave me a call and they want me to do a guest appearance on his show. Once I got out and did Surreal Life 3 it was a wrap. [That] turned into Strange Love with Brigitte Nielson. That turned into the Flavor of Love for three seasons.”

    When asked if he was ever really looking for true love on Flavor of Love, Flav responded “I don’t like hurting people’s feelings. You know it’s bad karma when you hurt people’s feelings. I had to be careful of the girls’ feelings that were really, really, really there for me. The ones that I knew were not there for me were the ones that I kept… [And] If anybody got it in, your boy Flavor Flav got it in.”

    While Flav says he doesn’t speak to any of the girls from Flavor Of Love, he does have a soft spot for one in particular, Somethin‘, otherwise known as The One Who Pooped On The Stairs. Flav remembers that “Sumthin’ was real cool and everything, but that’s what happens when a woman drinks all day and can’t hold her food in her system. I mean how much s— can a thong hold?” Words of wisdom if we ever heard them.

    For more, check out the full interview at XXL Magazine.

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    It’s A Celebreality Dream Come True: Bret Michaels and Flavor Flav Duet! Really!

    In what is surely the greatest combination of flavors since you got YOUR chocolate in MY peanut butter, two of your favorite Celebreality superstars just made some sweet music together. Literally.

    TMZ reports that Flavor of Love star Flavor Flav joined Rock of Love star Bret Michaels on-stage in Dubuque, Iowa (of all the places!), for a killer version of Public Enemy’s 1990 Top 40 smash, “911 Is A Joke.” As you’ll see from the (admittedly crappy*) video above, Flav started the jawn off a capella style, but then Bret and his band joined in with some ferocious instrumental backing, at which point everyone in the audience got up and then got, got down.

    What do you guys think? Should Flav and Bret go out on tour together? Or should they stick to romancin’ the ladies?

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    Shaq And Hoopz: The Almost Too-Happy Couple

    shaq_hoopz2 has the weirdest image gallery you’re likely to see all day: a 12-photo set called “Hoopz at home with Shaq” that features the reality related couple mugging profoundly in different places around the house. It’s like a non-stop “Caption This!” contest. (My pick for the one above: “With our money, we could buy and feed a million puppies!”) Seriously, why are they so happy? The two of them need to come down with season affect like normal people. It’s winter, for God’s sake.


    Speaking of profound, there is a giant height difference between them (two feet!). And yet, they see eye-to-eye when it comes to expressive displays. It’s a beautiful pairing, really. []