The Five Sexiest Hook-Ups in VH1 History

In honor of the new VH1 documentary Sex: The Revolution, which begins airing tonight at 10 PM, we’re counting down The Five Sexiest Hook-Ups in VH1 History from some of your fave VH1 shows. From foursomes to girl-on-girl photoshoots, we’ve got it all right here. Though compared to this clip from Sex: The Revolution featuring a porn star’s 86-man sex-fest, our shows pale in comparison on the raunchy scale. Shocking!

5. Mud Makes Flav Horny


Don’t tell Black, Sinceer and Thing 2, but Flav once got busy back in the day with his other final ladies on the first season of Flavor of Love. This sexy moment came to fruition after Pumkin, Hoopz and your man spent a date body painting with mud at a day spa. But the follow-up shower was where all the action went down, after the gals washed off the mud and went in for the kill! You can almost hear the words coming out of Flav’s mouth: “Yeahhhhhhh boooooooy!”

Below the jump: girl-on-girl action, a sexy stripper, a romp to remember, and our Number 1 pick!

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Buddha Goes to Hollywood!

Ezra Masters, aka Buddha, has a baffling career. He introduced himself on the premiere of I Love New York 2 as a personal trainer, a real estate entrepreneur and a life coach, but forgot to mention that he’d been on BET’s Hell Date — prompting fans to suspect that he was more interested in acting than in winning New York’s heart. Judging from the YouTube clip above, the fans were probably right and it seems possible that his grand plan is panning out. The clip says that it’s from Deserved Better, an upcoming television show by Aaron Sorkin, who is the mastermind behind The West Wing and a script doctor on major Hollywood films like Schindler’s List. If true, Buddha may get way more than 15 minutes of fame. But the dialogue and Buddha’s acting in the clip feel like an after school special and there’s no mention of this supposed TV show anywhere on the Internet. Is this really the work of Aaron Sorkin? Also, what has Ezra been up to that would land him a role in a quality drama? Probably not hair commercials, military service, bikini modeling or being a football player, a fireman, a martial arts expert, a boxer, a great smiler or a tea-drinking business man. But, hey, you never know!


Tailor Made Still Has Love for New York


In case last week’s announcement of New York Goes to Hollywood confused you (it stated that, “New York has to put her last conquest, Tailor Made, on the backburner as she tries to take on Tinsel Town”), New York’s man has told that he and the reality diva are still going strong:

Tiffany and I are very happy together. We will make this work…I have so much respect for Tiffany and support her career. She is very talented and has a great future as an actress.

He adds, “I’ll visit her as much as I can.” At least we’ll get to watch, and see if their romance can continue to play out via cameos. [TV Watch/People]


The Return of New York!


If you know New York, you know that a little thing like love couldn’t keep her away from reality TV for long. VH1′s own H.B.I.C. is branching out for New York Goes to Hollywood, a situation-based reality series to air later this year…and she may be flying solo again. The press release provides a few details:

New York is ready to tackle her other life dream: superstardom. Don’t get it wrong – New York is already a star but she wants to be on the A-list – as a legit actress.

In order to focus on her new mission, New York has to put her last conquest, Tailor Made, on the backburner as she tries to take on Tinsel Town. She’s moving out west to see if she can climb the Hollywood ladder. Question is, will she reach for the stars or fall flat on her face?

And that’s not all: Celebreality series starring Brooke Hogan, comedian Margaret Cho and 2 Live Crew mastermind Luther Campbell are also on the way. Press releases follow:

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New York: Sex Tape Is “Absolutely Not Me”


This weekend, rumors of a sex tape featuring New York began to circulate around the Internet. The accompanying video featured a woman whose resemblance to New York was literally unclear: the clip was, simply, too grainy to reveal if VH1′s High Priestess of Sexuality was one of the parties involved. It seemed suspect, and with reason: New York has spoken out to the New York Post to set the record straight: “It is absolutely not me,” she told the paper. “Do I strike you as the kind of woman who would have a sex tape floating around out there and not be standing by that tape? I’m nobody’s role model. I have a trash-talking potty mouth, I do what I want to do, that’s who I am as a person.”

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Blog Best-Of: New York’s New Advisor

new_york_links.jpg- New York dines with noted publicist Lizzie Grubman. Plan for World Domination enters its second phase! [CONCRETELOOP]

- Shay of Charm School and Flavor of Love wants to make sure you know her correct MySpace page. She doesn’t want all that webcam spam going to the wrong person, you know? [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Pete Wentz says that girls don’t need makeup to be hot. Judging by his eyeliner, guys are a different story entirely. [Jezebel]

- Stephen Baldwin speaks out against gay marriage. But see, it isn’t a choice…nor is being a Baldwin, for that matter. [Dlisted]

- The new American Gladiators is a huge hit. You know what they say: you can never have too many spandexed penises on network television. Take that, Baldwin! [Best Week Ever]

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The Top 10 Moments of the I Love New York 2 Reunion


I Love New York 2 couldn’t have gone out with a bigger bang if…well, if it had included things not suitable for TV. You know, like actual banging (although Sister Patterson came close!). I can think of no better way to end the series than with 90 theatrical minutes of Jerry Springer-esque insanity. To help make sense of it all, I’ve assembled my10 favorite things that happened during the course of the reunion. Let’s jump right into it and start, funnily enough, at the begging.

10. Those Amazing Intros

For some guys, the half-second that they’re shown on screen as their name is announced is the extent of their appearance on the show. By now, they know to make it count.

For example, It’s way of saying hello was classic It.


This is, like, It’s default expression at this point. It’s his child’s pose, his first position, his buffalo stance.

20 Pack made sure to permanently erase our memories of his insane body that earned him his nickname in the first place with the most minor of changes.


Abs? What abs? All I remember is a blonde streak. He should change his name to 20 Volume after the peroxide he used.

But the best thing about this?

The most enterprising chance to make a first impression was undoubtedly taken by Yours.


He looks so happy with that rubber-band bound stack of money that I think it’s a travesty that La La didn’t call him and his cash to the stage and ask how they met. But then, you know, the cash would probably have produced a gift box with its divorce papers inside, thereby stealing New York’s final-act thunder and we could not have that, now could we?

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I Love New York 2 Reunion Blog Party

Live Happily Ever After? Posted at 10:26PM EST


And so, Tailor Made presented New York with his divorce papers, proposed to her and then carried her off into the sunset. Think it’ll last?

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Live Wise Behavior? Posted at 10:11PM EST


I mean, can you believe this s***?!?!

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Hottie of the Year? Jes!

Jes from Rock of Love.



We asked you to name the hottest human being of 2007 and we have sampled more than half of your 800 responses. Our tally shows Jes narrowly edging out New York to become the year’s hottest, finest, cutest, sexiest person. Rock of Love winner Jes and our H.B.I.C. reality diva New York had approximately 150 votes each. But New York attracted dozens of harshly negative comments, and so we’ve crowned Jes our first-ever Hottie of the Year! Here is the list of candidates (in order of hotness, according to you) with some of your positive and negative comments.

1. Jes


“Jes all the way! She is so hot I’d consider switching teams!”


“She’s ugly and has rat nest hair.”

2. New York


“New York … the other girls are boring.”

“Are you kiding me New York is hot dang she is smokin hot and that’s real.”


“Looks like somebody hit her in the face with a shovel and just wouldn’t quit.”

“New York looks like a sick horse.”

“New York looks like a horse. Better yet, a horse crossed with a dog.”

“I would have picked NY if we were voting on best transvestite of the year but we’re not so I pick Kim!”

3. Kim Kardashian


“Kim is sexy as hell. No one above could compete with her … just look her body.”

“Armenians are the most beautiful people she’s freakin fine.”


“Kim sounds like she’s on helium.”

4. Chris Brown


“Boy u so sexy if u were a pie i would eat you.”


None, at least that we can find.

5. Vanessa Hudgens


“I think Vanessa is the hottest. She is so adorable and I think she has a head on her shoulders – although it is said that there are naked pic of her. Who doesn’t make mistakes?”


“Vanessa is so ugly and it looks like Fidel Castro is hiding down there.”

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The Celebreality Awards Pt. 2 – The Bests

To recap VH1′s year in Celebreality programming, we’re honoring the craziness (and, let’s face it: crazies) with an informal (and fairly arbitrary) set of awards we’re giving away online. Actually, there are no real awards to give away, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. It is, after all, the holiday season.

Part 1, dedicated to special achievements in Celebreality, went up yesterday. Part 2 continues today with the superlatives. The first category is Best Filming Location: Hooters on Hogan Knows Best.


You can see that Hulk’s mother is sitting at the table with them, on this final episode of Season 4 of Hogan Knows Best. What’s notable about this is that Hooters was her choice of dining locations. And what’s dually notable about that is Grandma Ruth revealed that she had just visited the jiggle joint the week before, only to revise her recollection: “Oh, it was yesterday!” She’s a regular. At Hooters.

How did the Hogans follow this up? With a visit to Fashion Bug, of course, where Brooke attempted persuade Grandma to buy clear heels, “like me and mom.”


That is a tasty after-dinner mint, if ever there were.

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