Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty – Finale – It All Comes Down To A Fashion Show

Jessica Simpson wrapped up The Price of Beauty with a fashion show featuring looks from all of the countries she visited on her season-long global trek. That was about as lively as things got on this episode, which wasn’t quite as goofy or quotable as the rest. Instead excitement and confusion over the ways of foreigners, the tone was more introspective and the quotes followed. (“I feel beautiful. I do,” said Jessica…finally? Additionally, “I think it’s a healthier perspective that I have on life right now,” which is sort of amazing, because how many reality shows ever have achieved that?)

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VH1 At The Upfronts


VH1 threw its upfronts presentation on Tuesday and New York to announce its slew of new shows. Many of the channel’s best and brightest from its current and upcoming programming lineup were on hand (including the Norwoods, Tough Love CouplesSteve and JoAnn Ward, Dr. Drew, The T.O. Show cast, Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty cast, Fantasia and more). Check pictures below of the festivities!

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Jessica Simpson Could Pull This Off

jessica-simpson-hair-210xNo, really – she could! Good ol’ Jessica Simpson and her BFF 4 lyfe Ken Paves got through a boring plane trip playing a little game of fun with wigs recently, and she shared the results with her Twitter followers. Check out another photo of Jessica’s short ‘do at TheFABlife.


Have A Martini Minute With Jessica Simpson

jessica-head-candling-200x2Last night on VH1, Jessica Simpson‘s brand new reality show The Price of Beauty debuted at 10 PM. And would you believe it? I had the opportunity to clink tini glasses with Jessica in a very special beauty-obsessed installment of “Martini Minute.” And it’s amazing the things I learn in our time together. For example, we get the scoop on that ingenious ear candling TwitVid. Also, she shares a certain bit of information with us that has convinced me to pack my bags and move to Uganda… U-ganda be kidding me! Only we are not kidding at all.

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