Judging Johnny’s Meatballs

My Big Friggin’ Wedding‘s Johnny Meatballs and his wife Megin recently visited the VH1 Digital office to discuss their burgeoning meatball empire with VH1 Blog correspondent Audrey Leczinsky. Man, this guy can talk about balls! This is, like, three and a half minutes of ball talk with a ball-tasting segment thrown in. That’s so many balls! Balls for days! People are knocking down his doors for balls!

Anyway besides the balls (of which there is much talk…have I mentioned that?), Audrey gets to the bottom of “sauce” versus “gravy,” and we get to hear Johnny say things like, “un-friggin’-believable” and “friggin’ A.” Lest you think he has a one-track mind, his at least has two.


My Big Friggin’ Wedding Cast Members Respond To UNICO’s Criticism


We just heard from My Big Friggin’ Wedding cast members Johnny Meatballs and Tammie, regarding UNICO’s recent criticism of their show (the Italian-American organization’s chief media executive, Andre DiMino, called it “racist” and said that it represents the “worst bunch of bad-acting, insipid individuals portraying themselves as trashy, drunken, low-class, bimbos and buffoons”).

Here’s Johnny’s take:

“Mr. Andre DiMino should find something to occupy his time with rather than calling for cancellations of TV shows which he feels are ‘racist.’ He calls me a ‘celebrity wannabe.’ Is heawannabe entertainment critic, a wannabe Italian Al Sharpton, or both? He should focus his efforts into actually making UNICO relevant within the young Italian-American community, instead of blindly bashing anything a young Italian-American does!!! I guarantee Mr. DiMino would change his tune about me and my family if he actually got to know us and what we are all about!!! Evidently he does not follow my blogs or my YouTube videos or know about any of the multiple, positive endeavors which I’m involved in—including my thriving self-made food business. Maybe if he did this, he might see that I actually bring something of substance to the table and am not just looking for a quick ’15 minutes of fame.’ OK, rant over. Back to cooking meatballs.”

And here’s what Tammie has to say on the matter:

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Is My Big Friggin’ Wedding Bad For Italians?


This week, the TV-watching watchdogs at UNICO, a New Jersey-based Italian-American group, decried VH1′s My Big Friggin’ Wedding. Not only did this grab attention from CNN and the AP among major outlets, it put the fledgling show among such elite UNICO targets/cultural phenomena as The Sopranos and The Jersey Shore. So, uh, thanks, UNICO? UNICO charged Friggin’ with being a “big racist stereotype of Italian-Americans” (Italian’s a race?) and says the show represents the “worst bunch of bad-acting, insipid individuals portraying themselves as trashy, drunken, low-class, bimbos and buffoons.” But see, that’s more of a reality TV problem than an Italian one (if you want to call it a problem at all!). And, in fact, UNICO’s implication of Italian culture in this complaint seems more prejudicial than anything the show has to offer, given that almost half of the 10 principal characters are not Italian. Joey and Sandra are, so are Megin and Johnny, Matt is, and Tammie‘s half Italian, half-Greek. The rest of them — Danny, Amanda, Alyssa and Tyler — are not.

So, what’s the deal? Do a few drunken Italians spoil the bunch, or is My Big Friggin’ Wedding an equal-opportunity portrayal of UNICO’s gripes? Is UNICO justified in calling on VH1 to pull the plug on the show? Does any of this offend you? We’re extremely interested in viewers’ thoughts on the matter. Sound off in the comments below. [AP/]