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Laverne Cox to Emma Stone: VH1′s Biggest Breakout Stars

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Many celebrities – Flavor Flav, Bret Michaels, Lil’ Scrappy – transition to TV but some stars actually got their start on VH1, you may just not have known. Whether they were a reality star or an actor, we’re digging through the VH1 vault to find some of the most famous faces before they were stars. From Zachary Quinto to La La Anthony from Emma Stone to Emmy nominee Laverne Cox, you might be surprised to find out who was once trying to work for Diddy or hosting the Flavor Of Love reunions. I mean, did you know the writer-director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was once a judge on VH1′s Scream Queens? Click through our gallery and see what some of these celebs had to say about VH1 and the doors it opened. Read more…


Tori Spelling To Profit From Kids With Second Book

Some of you might think Tori Spelling is just a mediocre reality television star and a washed-up actress, but you’re wrong. Tori, you see, is a lot more than a spoiled rich kid and a homewrecker — she’s a mom. After the “amazing cathartic journey” of her first book sTori Telling, Spelling’s donning her literary cap again and writing a tell-all on motherhood, which the 35-year-old should know oodles about, seeing as she’s only a year into the process, with a 1-year-old and a newborn.

The book, tentatively titled Mommywood, is sure to lift the lid on how tough it is to be a semi-celebrity with plenty of money and help raising your kids in the most debased environment ever. Here are just a few of the chapter subjects we hope we see:

* 10-Month-Old Breadwinners: How To Get That Little Mouth Working For You

* Baby’s Second Reality Television Show: How Young Is Too Young?

* It’s Okay If The Father Of Your Children Is Also The Father Of Someone Else’s Children

* Mommy’s Happy Accident: How to Spin Your Accidental Pregnancy Into A Magazine Headline


Tori Collects Some Cash for Her Baby Pics

Congrats are in order to Tori Spelling and her wallet! The actress and her husband Beefy McBeefcake have popped out another kid – a daughter – and they’re celebrating little Stella Doreen‘s birth with a big pile of tabloid photo cash, thanks to their cover spot on OK! mag. We’re not sure why the kid is a miracle – maybe the mag is referencing the fact that Tori still kinda has a career? Either way, Stella is going to be able to afford more fancy things in her first year on earth than we will in a lifetime. Lucky! [OK!]


90210 Watch: Tori Spelling Wants a Piece

torispelling.jpgAs the CW’s plans for teen-soap world domination continue unabated, former 90210 star Tori Spelling has decided she’d like a piece of the action on the network’s remake. She’s previously explained her desire to play a MILF on the show, and now she’d like to have a full-on role. The actress told People: “Playing the funny sex ed teacher at the high school would be funny . . . considering Donna Martin was America’s most infamous virgin.” We’re all for it! Donna Martin graduates! While your at it, CW executives, why not ask Jason Priestley to be the hockey coach and have Emily Valentine back to teach fire safety? For those of you dying to know how the new show’s going to play out, here’s a handy article that explains the new characters. The upshot is that the new kids pretty much resemble the old kids, with a few notable differences, not least of which is that the Brenda-type character is the sister of the Dylan-type character. Incest is gross, CW, no matter how you try to spin it.

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