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Starring James Franco As Mystery, The Pickup Artist?

Funny story: Way back in 2008, my first job writing for the VH1 Blog came when I was asked to recap the second season of The Pickup Artist. You remember, that was the show where Mystery, the crazily-dressed master at getting women outta his dreams and into his car, taught a group of geeky guys how to be charming? You remember, Mystery, ready for a Ren Faire at any moment, charming, weird, and slightly attractive in a way you can’t put your finger on:

Well, we just heard that James Franco, another dude who is charming, weird, and slightly attractive in a way we can’t put our finger on, is in negotiations to play Mystery in a movie. (Also, it would not surprise us to learn that James Franco has a “ready-for-a-Ren-Faire-at-any-moment” outfit, too, but that’s off-topic.) The movie would be an adaptation of the book The Game, written by Neil Strauss. In real life, Mystery taught Strauss all of his seductive, smooth moves (a.k.a. “The Mystery Method”), the process of which became the basis of this pickup artist’s bible. Personally, if we had to cast anyone in this role, well, Franco would be the perfect man for the job.

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Video: Nightvision Groping on Pick Up Artist 2

In case you missed this week’s Pick Up Artist 2 episode, we’re giving you the strangest, weirdest scenes of the season thus far. Watch the scene below. What do you think is going on in their heads? They can’t see what they are doing but being filmed for a VH1 show – some of them touching a woman for the first time.

Part 1:

Part 2 (even weirder)

You have to love the clinical discussion amongest Mystery, Tara and Matador as well.

Watch the Full Episode 4 here.


The Celebreality Interview – Alex

We barely got to know Alex, The Pickup Artist’s first casualty, but we all remember his Kanye glasses and gold (er, copper) chain. Even though Mystery thought Alex had minimal potential as a master of macking, Alex believed in the maestro’s teachings and still worked on his game. In a post-elimination chat, we got Alex to open up about what he learned from his mentor, his disappointing makeover, and what happened to that chain he trashed…

Watch the latest episode of the The Pick Up Artist right here.
So you were in L.A. for the premiere of The Pickup Artist, was it good to be reunited with those guys?

Yeah, it was really great, I got to see everyone that I hadn’t seen since filming. We all email each other all the time; I don’t know how we bonded so quickly.

Friends under duress?

(Laughs) Exactly.

Did you have any idea that you’d be kicked off so soon and that first experience in the club would actually be an elimination challenge?

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Mystery’s Back For Another Round Of The Pickup Artist

Hot off the press! New season debuts Sunday, Oct. 12 at 10/9c on VH1!

Based on the tremendous viewer response to the series The Pickup Artist, VH1 has once again teamed up with world renowned pickup guru Mystery to help guide nine new “socially awkward” students overcome their biggest fears – meeting women. As we saw last season, Mystery has developed a foolproof formula for these men to follow, whether they’re in a bar, club or coffee shop. Through his various teachings and in-the-field tests, Mystery will prepare these men with the skills they need to overcome their shyness and confidence issues in the real world. The Pickup Artist 2 premieres on VH1 on Sunday, October 12 at 10:00 PM.

The Pickup Artist 2 brings a new twist to the show, as Mystery and Season 1 wing-man and fellow pickup artist Matador are joined by new wing-girl Tara. Viewers may remember Tara as Season 1’s kissing coach. In this second season she will expand her role by adding a female perspective. Tara will serve as full time wing-girl to Mystery and act as a confidant for the contestants.

This season, The Pickup Artist 2 moves to Phoenix, AZ, as the guys sample the local night life in hopes of perfecting their skills and winning the title of “Master Pickup Artist.” In each episode, one contestant will be declared the winner of a challenge and granted immunity from elimination, while the loser will be sent packing. The challenges this season are even more intense — and personal. The dating neophytes will be tested in a local supermarket, a charity auction and various area nightclubs outfitted with hidden cameras that capture women’s real responses to the contestants’ come-ons.

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Ask Mystery Anything

Mystery, the star of the Pick Up Artist and guru to desperate nerds everywhere, is back for a second season of his hit show. To get things started, he’s going to be answering a slew of questions submitted straight from you. Wanna know the best way to bed a beauty who’s out of your league? Desperately searching for the sexiest velour cowboy hat but don’t know where to shop? Drop your questions for our man Mystery in the comments section below, and we’ll pick the best of the best to be featured in our weekly video installments of Mystery’s Mailbag on

Ask away – and if you’re missing Mystery, check out these highlights from the Pick Up Artist finale!


The Five Sexiest Hook-Ups in VH1 History

In honor of the new VH1 documentary Sex: The Revolution, which begins airing tonight at 10 PM, we’re counting down The Five Sexiest Hook-Ups in VH1 History from some of your fave VH1 shows. From foursomes to girl-on-girl photoshoots, we’ve got it all right here. Though compared to this clip from Sex: The Revolution featuring a porn star’s 86-man sex-fest, our shows pale in comparison on the raunchy scale. Shocking!

5. Mud Makes Flav Horny


Don’t tell Black, Sinceer and Thing 2, but Flav once got busy back in the day with his other final ladies on the first season of Flavor of Love. This sexy moment came to fruition after Pumkin, Hoopz and your man spent a date body painting with mud at a day spa. But the follow-up shower was where all the action went down, after the gals washed off the mud and went in for the kill! You can almost hear the words coming out of Flav’s mouth: “Yeahhhhhhh boooooooy!”

Below the jump: girl-on-girl action, a sexy stripper, a romp to remember, and our Number 1 pick!

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Pick Up Artist 2 Wannabes Melt Hearts

We’ve been spending a lot of time swooning over the contestants who are bearing their hearts, souls, and chests on the Pick Up Artist 2 Casting site. Over the coming weeks we’ll be featuring our favorite lovable losers who are vying for a chance to learn mad pick up skills from the master himself, Mystery. If you’re desperate for help with the ladies, now is your chance! Head over to the Pick Up Artist 2 Casting site, register, and starting blogging about why you deserve to be the next Master Pick Up Artist!

To start us off, we’ve picked one of our favorite videos from contestant Putt99 to feature above. He’s a programmer from North Carolina who’s had one girlfriend (for only 3 months) and has been rejected 1238 times! Ouch. Do you think he’s Mystery material? Visit his blog – maybe he’ll even win you over and get your vote!